Andrew Tate Threatens $300 Million Lawsuit Against Rape, Trafficking Accused –

Source: Reuters

Social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested by Romanian law enforcement officials in December and face charges of sex-trafficking from at least six women.

According to Liberatea, a Romanian news outlet, police surrounded the villa where Tate and her brother Tristan were staying and arrested them on charges of kidnapping, international human trafficking and rape.

A representative for Andrew Tate said they could not comment on reports that the 36-year-old social media influencer had been detained.

“We cannot provide any details at this time regarding the allegations that they have been detained; However, Andrew and Tristan Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always help and assist in any way they can,” a spokesperson for Andrew Tate told the Daily Mail.

DIICOT said in their press release, “Prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Central Structure together with police officers from the Bucharest Organized Crime Brigade have executed 5 home search warrants in a case that is being investigated in terms of crimes. Formation of an organized criminal group, human trafficking and The crime of rape.

While the case is ongoing Informa has reported on alleged WhatsApp messages that set the women behind the allegations against Andrew and his brother. Others suggested this was the leaked WhatsApp content Taken out of context.

Andrew Tate is threatening to sue the accusers for $300 million.
The New York Post reported:

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who is being held in Romania with his brother, has threatened legal action against at least one woman who has accused him of rape and human trafficking.

A US law firm representing Tate and her brother Tristan sent a “cease and desist” letter to the unnamed woman’s American lawyer in December, the BBC reported on Saturday.

The letter threatened to sue the woman and her family for $300 million if she did not withdraw her allegations.

“In April 2022,” the letter read, “you falsely told a third party that our client had committed human trafficking, abused you, and held you against your will. […] You have repeatedly made false and defamatory statements about the Tate brothers to the police, the media and another citizen of the United States.”

The brothers are currently in preventive custody in Romania as police investigate allegations of trafficking and rape. Both deny the claim.