Biden’s Doctor Says He’s “Healthy” and “Strong”

(Above Joe Biden turns to shake someone’s hand and no one is there after reading and muttering another “speech”)

Joe Biden is doing great after his doctor performs a physical on the aging man.

The far-left Politico reports:

The White House on Thursday released Joe Biden’s health report, describing the 80-year-old president as “healthy,” “strong” and “fit to successfully carry out the duties” of his office.

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It comes just before the president’s second annual physical at Walter Reed Medical Center since taking office and a widely anticipated announcement of a reelection bid. As the oldest person elected to the White House, Biden has faced questions about his mental acuity and age — a line of attack that his rivals could lean on on the campaign trail.

Kevin O’Connor, “President Biden is a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old man, well-suited to successfully carry out the duties of the presidency, including as chief executive, head of state, and commander in chief,” Kevin O’Connor, the president’s physician, said on his health. Wrote the summary.

The doctor will lose his license. The report states:

The president weighed 178 pounds — six pounds less than his last physical — and was 6 feet tall. He still works out five days a week, the doctor said, and doesn’t drink alcohol or use tobacco products.

There was no mention of what, if any, medication Biden takes to stay awake and deliver his speech.

Karen Jean-Pierre, Biden’s White House press secretary, said:

“If you watch him, you’ll see that he has a tough schedule that he maintains — which sometimes some of us aren’t able to keep,” he said.

Fox News also reported on the test:

Fox News contributor Dr. Mark Siegel asked Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday how Biden’s doctors reached this conclusion without a full battery of tests.

Dr. Siegel highlighted Biden’s “stiff behavior,” saying that “it’s sometimes a symptom of cognitive problems.” According to Dr. Siegel, the explanation for the president’s physically stiff gait was attributed to “peripheral neuropathy, which means loss of sensation in his legs,” however, Biden’s doctors “didn’t know where it was coming from.” “They said based on a physical exam by multiple doctors but no MRI, I don’t see anywhere about an MRI.”

“This physical examination is more significant for what it leaves behind than what it actually tells us,” Dr. Siegel said.

Another Fox News doctor asked about Biden’s mental and emotional results in the test.

Biden was deemed “healthy” and “strong” in his latest physical on Thursday, but medical experts noted that his doctor did not address the president’s mental state.

Speaking to Fox News Digital after examining the test results, Dr. Janet Nesheiwat, a family and emergency medicine professional and Fox News contributor, questioned how Biden performed on his “mini mental state test.”

“How did he do it? What was his score? I want to know,” he said. “Physical mental health is equally important.

It is the original that was not said. These people lie outright or lie by omission. America and the whole world knows that this old 5-year-old couldn’t pass a cognitive test.