Add Missouri to the list of states where RINOs are working disenfranchised

Across the US, RINOs are working to disenfranchise grassroots conservatives – Missouri can be added to the list

Missouri State Senator Michael Sierpiot, an establishment Republican, is sponsoring Senate Bill 16 (SB 16); A bill that would create a weighted average voting system for Missouri Central committees, effectively disenfranchising some committee members and benefiting others. The apparent goal is to marginalize grassroots committee members who live in more rural communities, while benefiting Republicans who live in more densely populated areas where liberal ideals are generally accepted. This process of marinating grass roots seems to be happening all over the country. First, because of the lack of support for RNC America First candidates, the RNC is not addressing election fraud and is now actively trying to marginalize the grassroots Republican base.

Currently, Missouri voters have the option of registering with a political party or simply registering as “unaffiliated.” Establishment Republican Rep. Peggy McGough is sponsoring House Bill 781, which would remove the ability to register voters with a party affiliation. This would allow a future candidate, affiliated with a party, to be able to “switch” parties, obscuring that person’s historical party affiliation and making it easier for a Democrat to run as a Republican.

Rep. Chris Sanders, a registered and elected “Republican” is sponsoring House Bill 31 that calls for Missouri to change the definition of marriage between a man and a woman; Marriage is between two people. Although the Republican platform states that marriage is between a man and a woman, and Rep. Sanders knows that he is opposed to the Republican platform, Sanders still plans to move forward with his bill. Sanders thinks he can eventually pass the bill, regardless of how his Republican constituents feel.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is the son of John Ashcroft. Ashcroft Sr. served as George W. Bush’s attorney general during 9/11. Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI at the time.

Jay Ashcroft has been Missouri’s Secretary of State since 2017.

Secretary Ashcroft is contracted to the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), and one of Ashcroft’s senior staff members appears to be on ERIC’s board of directors. As with ERIC’s contracts with several states, the public is not allowed to review ERIC’s contracts, and this is the case for Missouri and ERIC states.

Per The Patriot Post article from August 15, 2022, “Democrat operatives control voter rolls in 31 states.”

“ERIC was ostensibly established to help states make voter rolls more accurate,” notes 2 Verity Vote, an election-integrity organization. “The primary impact of ERIC is to increase the voter roll by converting eligible-but-unregistered (EBU) individuals into registered voters. States disclose personally identifiable information to ERIC about unregistered residents, including those who refuse to register for privacy reasons. FOIAs disclose that the EBU is sharing records with ERIC [Facebook CEO Mark] CEIR funded by Zuckerberg [Center for Election Integrity and Research]”

The article also states: “What makes the ERIC system so destructive to voting integrity, . . . is [ERIC] Voter rolls do not operate as we would normally expect. that’s it [ERIC] It doesn’t tighten the voter rolls so much as it inflates them. In fact, while ERIC was responsible for removing only 3 million ineligible voters from the country’s rolls in 2020, the system identified 17 million new voters. And you can be sure that the new electorate does not come from rural areas or evenly divided suburbs.” The new voters came mainly from heavily populated Democrat-controlled cities.

Missouri allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. Driver’s license is valid government-issued voter ID; Authorizes ERIC to capture DMV records of these illegal aliens and place them on state voter rolls

MO canvassers, who are Missouri residents and concerned about electoral integrity in Missouri, speak directly to voters in the state. On May 4, 2022, MO Canvassers released a report titled “Missouri Elections are impossible to Validate”. Some of their research findings point to the use of ERIC as a possible contributing factor to the lack of electoral integrity within states.

MO canvassers listed some troubling election issues to include: Missouri voter rolls inflated, “phantom” votes counted – when actual votes were lost. One concluding reason for the lack of electoral integrity within the state was that “outsiders are manipulating and influencing Missouri elections using money, voter list maintenance and election equipment.”

Linda Rantz, MO Canvasser leadership, Mike Lindell, State Senators Bill Eigel and Jill Carter, and many concerned citizens, spoke with Jay Ashcroft about their concerns regarding ERIC, to this day Secretary Ashcroft is allowing ERIC to operate in Missouri.