Don Lemon out? A CNN guest blasts him as staffers call for him to be fired

Don lemon in hot water.

CNN staff are now calling for the host to be fired after her comments about Nikki Haley.

According to the New York Post, a CNN source says “everyone is outraged” about the comment and “he needs to go.”

The New York Post reported:

CNN staffers are fuming over Don Lemon’s cringe-worthy apology for his on-air, sexist diatribe about Nikki Haley, 51 — with some calling for the anchor to be fired.

“He’s got to go,” a CNN insider told The Post. “He is damaging the brand. Women don’t even focus on sex — that’s CNN’s loss.”

“Everybody’s upset about it,” a second CNN source said, referring to Lemon’s attention-grabbing gaffe, adding, “It makes our story and it hurts us.”

“He said he was sorry two minutes into the call,” a source close to the situation said of Lemon. “It was very self-centered and he lied. He had no intention of apologizing. They forced him to do it.”

His own network is now airing segments where guests blast him

During Bill Maher’s Overtime segment that aired on CNN, ABC News contributor Sarah Isgur blasted Lemon, saying, “As Don Lemon told us on CNN, women can’t actually run for president because he said we’re past our prime when we’re in our prime. Reaching 40s. “

Fox News reported:

A guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher” blasted embattled CNN host Don Lemon for his controversial comments insulting Nikki Haley in a segment that appeared on CNN’s own airwaves…

While MSNBC host Ari Melber argued that both President Biden and former President Trump have the right to run for president, ABC News contributor Sarah Isgur took the opportunity to take a dig at the “CNN This Morning” host even after Maher conceded the top spot. “Overtime” segment that it airs on CNN.

“As Don Lemon told us on CNN, women can’t actually run for president because he said we’re past our prime once we reach our 40s. But since you have to be 35 to run, it’s really like this little window between 35 and 40,” Isgur joked, drawing laughs from the audience.

Maher laughed awkwardly before quickly moving on from Lemon’s jab.

Things are getting really bad at CNN.

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