‘Wook’, the woman who escaped from North Korea, compared the American left to what she was fleeing

Yeonmi Park is a young woman who escapes from North Korea and escapes to freedom in the United States, only to sound like the American leftist regime that she is fleeing.

He recently described his time at Columbia University where professors and students protested against capitalism and called for a communist revolution.

He is now warning people that what happened in North Korea could happen here.

Fox News reports:

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North Korean defector shocked by what he learned at Ivy League school ‘awakened’: ‘brainwashing’

A North Korean defector issued a stark warning Monday over “woke” ideology in American classrooms, believing the United States could be headed down the path of its rogue regime at home if it is not reversed.

Writer Eunmi Park joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the parallels between her Ivy League education at Columbia University in far-left education and “brainwashing” in North Korea.

“The things I was learning at Columbia University really shocked me because it was the exact same thing that my North Korean teachers were brainwashing me in the classroom,” Park told Todd Pirro. “At Columbia University they literally said that all the problems we have are because of capitalism, because of white people, and the solution to all these problems is a communist revolution in the name of equity.”

“They said we have to destroy this country, and we have to rebuild the country in the name of equality of outcome, and that same ideology led my country to the state of North Korea,” he continued.

Watch the video:

Unlike today’s American college students, this woman understands what real oppression looks like.

As a country, we should heed his warning.