“When the World is Against You”

Comedian JP Sears is back roasting the sacred cows of the left with his fresh tongue in cheek comedy.

Sears’ popularity grew at a time when many were tired of waking up, giving “comedy” speeches. His satirical videos are a refreshing change from being reviled by the left

This popularity has resulted in more than a million Instagram followers, Rumble has almost half a million and even on limited Twitter he has over 300 thousand followers.

Sears also has a popular podcast, AwakenWithJP.

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Gateway Pundit shared JP’s comments at the January 2022, Defeat the Mandates rally where he served as master of ceremonies where Washington DC Sears spoke along with other prominent leaders such as Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Robert Malone.

His current farce pokes fun at the absurdity of the woke-trance policy.

“As someone who is out to make the world a better place, one of my passions in life is to be in any restroom whenever I want. It’s common sense for inclusion.”

Enjoy the video below!

On Friday, JP joined Tucker Carlson to discuss social media influencers getting the boot from big tech layoffs and shared his own views in the ‘My Day at Work’ video.