West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice takes a fresh look at Joe Manchin’s re-election bid

Joe Manchin has always seemed stuck between a rock and a hard place on national issues, but as far as West Virginians are concerned, they’ve been fine with him since he first sent him to the Senate in 2010.

However, it seems that in 2024, all that could change because right now, the polls are not in favor of the moderate-Democrat, according to a recent poll that puts him facing a potential GOP opponent.

In a study conducted by Morning advice In measuring the approval ratings of America’s governors, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, who is potentially starting a 2024 US Senate campaign any day now, finds himself with a 64% approval rating. While 64% may not seem stellar, it actually ranks him as the country’s fifth most popular governor in-office.

Manchin, however, currently sits at a 40% approval rating Washington Examiner.

Could this show that if Justice enters the race, it could spell the end for Manchin’s time in Washington?

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Justice is flirting with a Senate bid

Although he hasn’t announced it yet, Jim Justice appears to be throwing his hat into the race to represent the people of West Virginia in the Senate and send Manchin packing.

“I know people in West Virginia. I really and truly know that they have been left in the dust and they really believe in me and believe in me,” Justice said in a recent interview with CBS News. As of this writing, he has promised to hold an election by the end of February.

Justice first entered the governor’s mansion in 2016 initially as a lifelong Democrat, but he surprised many of his constituents and captured the nation’s attention when he announced on stage with former President Donald Trump that he would officially leave the Democrats to run. A Republican. Although it was a controversial move, he won his re-election as a Republican in 2020.

While Manchin is known to hold back on Democrats’ borderline socialist policies, he’s tied to Biden’s progressive agenda on issues like taxes and inflation, both of which voters are focusing on as the economy continues to struggle.

Manchin was a swing vote that kept Biden’s inflation-reduction legislation in place, but later voted to pass the unpopular bill, after making some concessions.

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A potential energy transfer

While Democrats may retain their Senate majority beyond the 2022 midterms, many must now pledge to manage inflation and return the economy to a sense of normalcy while continuing to shore up the many challenges facing the Biden administration. Running till 2024.

Losing a Senate seat in West Virginia would certainly spell trouble for the party federally, but so far there are no ultra-progressive candidates jumping on the primary “moderate” Manchin, who is still widely unpopular with mainstream Democrats, is still considered. A ‘safe’ bet in West Virginia.

Justice promised that if he decides to seek the Senate seat that Manchin currently holds, he will be a “reliably Republican” vote.

“I’m a hard-nosed Republican and bound by those values,” Justice told the press. “I am a patriot. I really do. And I think our nation is headed in a direction that could kill us.”

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