Tucker Carlson critiques liberal comedian Chelsea Handler’s monologue and

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, crass left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler starred in a film The Daily Show The video celebrates being “single” and “childless”. Right-wing pundits, including Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro, attacked Handler after he struck a nerve with his deliberately off-color video response.

The 47-year-old New Jersey native, who has never been married, extolled the joys of the single, childless life. His victories include:

  • Waking up early and going back to sleep
  • Hooking up with random guys
  • Drinking a lot of wine
  • Usually he is doing “whatever” he wants

If you ask me, the list sounds more like the content of a young adult living in their parents’ basement than a middle-aged success story.

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Chelsea Handler celebrates single, childless life The Daily Show sketch

Right-wing figures Tucker Carlson, Jesse Kelly and Ben Shapiro reacted similarly and didn’t pull their punches, sending Chelsea Handler into a frenzy.

Handler’s video titled “Days in the Life of a Childless Woman” opens with a graphic depiction of her morning routine of self-indulgence because she “doesn’t have kids to take to school.”

“I wake up at 6 in the morning. I remember I don’t have any kids to take to school, so I grab a snack, masturbate and go to sleep,” the crass comedian apparently bragged.

The video just went downhill from there. After going back to sleep and staying in bed until lunch, she’s ready for “a busy day doing whatever I feel like”.

Handler caters to tired parents who opt for comfortable and practical clothing while running errands.

“I’m wearing my most impractical and stylish shoes since I’m not going to chase a baby around the grocery store,” Handler continued.

After that it’s “Paris to grab a croissant” and of course, a quick ride to enjoy the flight because she has “no screaming kids”.

To top it all off, the middle-aged single imagines himself coming home to hook up with a random guy from a dating app. Texting a stranger, “Want to know tonight?” Because having one-night stands with strange men is actually the good life.

Handler felt that his video wasn’t offensive enough, so he ended on a note that he was using a lot of his “free time” to build a time machine so he could “kill baby Hitler”.

I think we can all agree that some comedies are funny, and some are not.

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Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro Skewer Chelsea Handler

Somehow this video has over 8 million views on Instagram alone. Yet Handler is somewhat disappointed that news pundits will criticize the video.

Chelsea Handler tweeted a montage Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, radio host Jesse Kelly and Daily Wire EIC Ben Shapiro gives his response The Daily Show sketch

Carlson recently devoted a segment to Handler’s over-the-top video. Not surprisingly, he and guest Jesse Kelly didn’t have many kind words for Handler.

The Fox News host called Handler an “aging, deeply unlikable woman who has never had children.”

Then Kelly took things to another level by saying that the 40-something’s “womb is like a dry grate blowing up an old west town” whose Valentine’s Day date is “a 10-year-old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ for the 10th year in a row. And half a Xanax.” -full bottle, and you’re trying to pretend you’re happy, but you’re not. And it’s not really his fault. He’s been lied to by a country that’s lost its way.”

Handler’s decision to lump Shapiro shows he’s struck a nerve. He didn’t go for the juggle like Kelly. Shapiro speculates that Hander is stingy—it’s “written all over his face how stingy he is.”

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“Why would I need my own children when I hear this cry all the time?” Handler response.

He then directs his anger at Carlson, “Are you really upset about how much freedom I have — or upset that you haven’t taken it away from me yet?”

True to form, the handler then took the low road. She said, “I think we both know you hate-masturbating to me, and I’m pissed off about it.”

As for Shapiro, Handler credits him with helping her maintain her childless status.

“Thank you for helping me with infertility. Who needs birth control pills when your voice is 100 percent effective?

Of course, this same Chelsea handler publicly praised Louis Farrakhan for his “powerful” speech on race. The handler is Jewish, remember. It tells us what we need to know.

The whole thing might have been funny if the birthrate hadn’t dropped, and Chelsea Handler wasn’t the poster child for the erosion of family values ​​in America today.

Experts blame the decline largely on women, like Handler, waiting to have children later in life or not having children at all.

It is truly sad how lax morality is observed at every turn. Yet the traditional values ​​on which this country was built are criminal.

If you are curious, you can have a look The Daily Show Video featuring Chelsea Handler below. But remember – curiosity killed the cat!

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