Trump made an emotional appeal calling for peace, an end to the war in Ukraine

Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, has called for an immediate de-escalation and peace in Ukraine.

It’s a position that sets him apart from President Joe Biden, as well as any other GOP hopeful so far.

Trump released a pair of videos Thursday outlining his position on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“The conflict in Ukraine is very dangerous, explosive and growing day by day,” he said. “Biden’s weakness and incompetence have brought us to the brink of nuclear war.”

“Time is running out for all parties involved to reach a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine before this horrific disaster spirals out of control and leads to World War III,” Trump added.

“We must end this ridiculous war and demand peace in Ukraine before it gets worse.”

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Trump wants peace in Ukraine, saying continued military aid would be unnecessary once the war ends

Trump offered little in the way of specifics when calling for peace in his campaign-style video, though he alluded to his illustrious career in the White House negotiating an unprecedented deal in the Middle East.

“If I had been president, the Russia-Ukraine war would never have happened,” he said. “Never in a million years. But still, if I were president, I could end this horrible and rapidly escalating war in 24 hours.”

And the war is escalating rapidly, with NATO and Russia inching closer to a direct hit.

In an interview with talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Trump suggested ending military aid but tied it to peace talks.

“I don’t think they should send too much, they should negotiate peace,” he said, adding that the war “will not stop” if the US continues to “just understand something”.

In other words, bring peace to the region and the American people will have no reason to pick their pockets and hand their hard-earned money into the greasy palms of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Never would have happened under Trump

Trump reiterated claims that Biden’s recent decision to send 31 Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine was an unnecessary escalation toward nuclear war with Russia.

“Joe Biden is doing what he said 10 months ago would cause World War III, sending American tanks to Ukraine,” Trump said.

“Such a pathetic waste of human life when you look at what’s going on there. Those cities were wiped out. First, come the tanks. Then, come the atoms.”

Biden announced the decision to send the tanks last week.

“The idea that we’re going to send in offensive equipment and go in planes, tanks and trains with American pilots and American crews, just understand — and don’t kid yourself no matter what you say — it’s called ‘World War Three,'” he said last week. told reporters in March.

Trump has not only distanced himself from his potential Democrat opponent in 2024, but also from his GOP rivals who have so far been reluctant to call out Biden for accelerating the US toward war.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t said much, though he hasn’t announced an official candidacy yet and is busy steering his state into a beautiful ‘right-wing fantasyland’ where everyone jumps.

Nikki Haley there is declared and there is foreign policy experience, but has consistently called on the United States to arm Ukraine.

Funny that for four years the media told us that the one man who was going to start World War III was the only one actively trying to prevent it.

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