The White House denies explosive reports that the US sabotaged Nord Stream 2

I’m a sucker for a good mystery. Last year’s sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline is one of the most delicious mysteries of the end of the international conspiracy. Countless countries are investigating underwater conspiracies, yet we still don’t know where the question is going – whodunit?

However, a recent lengthy report by highly respected and undercover investigative journalist Seymour Hersh allegedly blew the lid off this thriller, and the unmasked criminal is making some waves. Without much fanfare, the proposed saboteurs themselves, our own government, are masters of black ops.

The colors did not surprise me at all. Let’s examine the allegations and see if this report has any teeth.

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Set the scene

Pulitzer Prize winner and former New Yorker journalist, Seymour Hersh, wrote a more than 5,000-word article on his substack detailing allegations that the United States government was behind the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline.

“Last June, Navy divers, working under the cover of a NATO exercise known as BATOPS22, planted remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four pipelines,” Hersh claimed.

Oh my, that’s good. From there he went on to explain the thought process behind the Navy’s use of divers.

“The divers were only Navy, and not members of America’s Special Operations Command, whose covert operations must be reported to Congress and notified in advance to the Senate and House leadership—the so-called Gang of Eight.”

In his report, he said deep-sea divers from the US Navy’s diving and salvage center out of Panama City, Florida were used. He alleged that divers planted C4 explosives later triggered by a gold buoy.

So, what does the White House say?

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Lies, all lies!

Asked for comment, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said the allegations were “false and completely fictitious.”

In addition, CIA spokesperson Tammy Thorp said “This claim is completely and utterly false.”

In Hersh’s piece, he claimed that the Norwegian government was also involved in the operation, to which the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also responded by calling these claims false.

In a more measured response, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee commented “If false, slander. War if true.”

Indeed, if Mr. Hersh’s allegations were true, it would mean war. Part of his essay discusses why this operation didn’t happen at all was to occur.

If you recall, a year ago President Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin “If Russia attacks there will be no more Nord Stream 2. We will end it.”

Once the attack occurred, according to Hersh, the administration began nine months of planning.

“Most of that time,” he says, “the issue was not whether to do the mission, but how to get it done, without any clear idea of ​​who was responsible.”

It’s shaping up to be quite a page-turner, but is it fact or fiction?

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The curse of anonymity

Suppose you are not familiar with Seymour Hersh. In that regard, he is famous in journalism for breaking stories such as the massacre of 500 civilians in My Lai, Vietnam, and the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. He is also known lately for his penchant for relying on unnamed sources.

He did the same for this special report based on information from an anonymous source, which he wrote, “Direct Knowledge of Operational Planning.”

Although he was previously highly regarded under the Nixon administration for his journalistic skills covering stories such as the Watergate scandal, he has also come under fire as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, questioning the Obama administration’s account of the death of Osama bin Laden and claiming that the Syrian government used chemical weapons during their civil war. used weapons.

While ‘conspiracy theories’ have been widely dismissed in the past, it’s hard to admit that lately, conspiracy theorists have been on a roll.

After the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline and allegations that the United States was involved, the State Department said “The idea that the United States was in any way involved in the apparent sabotage of these pipelines is preposterous. This is nothing more than a function of Russian paranoia and should be treated as such.”

Hmmm… where have we heard that before…

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We didn’t do it, but it’s good that we did

While we don’t yet know the results of the ongoing investigation, if you pay enough attention, some interesting little statements have come out.

For example, it was not so long ago that a European official admitted: that there is no evidence that Russia was directly involved in the sabotage.

What?! You mean to tell me that Russia didn’t sabotage their pipeline that was helping to fuel their economy?!

Now this is not surprising in any way, shape or form. German investigators recently admitted they were open to the theory that a Western state had carried out the bombing with the intention of pinning the blame on Russia.

Which western state would have the capacity and track record to pull something off? There are really only two paths to this humdinger of a mystery:

  • We never know the truth
  • We admit it and the mainstream media buries it

The government has done well in the second way. You might even think they’re already tagging that machine.

At a Senate hearing, Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland told Senator Ted Cruz of Texas that “Like you, so am I, and I think the administration is very pleased to know that Nord Stream 2 is now, as you like to say, a piece of metal under the sea.”

So we’re not going to say we did it, but we did it, and you’re welcome because we should be glad we did it.

Should we be happy?

It depends on your worldview and what you believe our role should be on the international stage. Regardless, what our government, military, and intelligence community do behind the scenes should be of interest to all Americans.

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