The US said the two objects shot down over the US and Canada were small balloons

Two objects were reported shot over the weekend – one in Alaska and one in Canada. Today it is known that both were small balloons.

TGP reported several reports of unidentified flying objects over the weekend. An object was flying over Canada and

There was a report over the weekend that a US fighter jet shot down an object over Canada. According to Canada’s defense minister, US and Canadian jets were called in and a US F-22 shot down the object.

‘A reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flights’ – Canada’s defense minister holds press briefing on ‘unidentified object’ shot over Yukon (VIDEO)

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TGP did not report on the Alaska object but another report that TGP did report was related to the FAA closing Montana airspace for NORAD activity. Two F-15s were reportedly dispatched to the area in Montana and nothing was shot down.

BREAKING: FAA closes Montana airspace for NORAD activity (Update: reopened, no objects found)

China also reported detecting an object over the weekend near its border. There has been no further word on the matter since China first reported it.

Believe it or not: China claims to have seen an unidentified flying object near its border

Fox News reports:

The unidentified “objects” that the US shot down over Canada and Alaska were both believed to be balloons carrying a payload, a senior US official confirmed to Fox News on Sunday.

Details regarding the over-Canada object were scarce over the weekend, but U.S. officials now described it as “a small metal balloon with a tethered payload,” the official told Fox. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also said he received a briefing on the matter Sunday and was told the device in Alaska was also believed to be a balloon.

The devices were “much smaller” than the Chinese spy craft last week, however, Schumer told ABC’s This Week.

Last week a Chinese spy balloon managed to fly over the US on all alert and Americans were outraged that Biden allowed it to happen. Now, this weekend Biden and Trudeau are claiming to be the great defenders of North America.