The TikTok mom gave a hilarious explanation about why she started changing him

100 Percent Fed Up – A mother of a four-year-old boy uses her social media accounts to promote her son’s transformation into a woman. His reasoning for moving her is because she likes to dress up and doesn’t want to play tee ball.

When her child was one-and-a-half years old, she apparently wanted to play dress-up with her older sister and paint her fingernails.

When she was two years old, she played dress up in preschool which was another big sign to her parents that she wanted to be a girl. However, just a few years ago, the woke left argued that boys should be able to dress up, play and participate in stereotypically “female” activities, without being judged as exhibiting erratic behavior.

Now, if a boy wants to do things like sportswear, they obviously want to be a girl.

The mother also said that her childcare center was very accepting of her son’s desire to “experiment” with grooming and his gender. Who knows how these preschool teachers influenced her decisions and thinking about gender?

Then at age four, her son “started wearing leggings and a headband” and commented on wanting to be a girl.

So what did the parents do? They decided that the final test for their child would be to put him on a tee ball team to see if he wanted to play.

It is not clear why they thought this would be the determining factor in whether or not one actually wanted to be a woman. Girls also play tee ball, while lots of boys don’t like to play the game.

Gender has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone plays tee ball or not.

However, since their baby doesn’t like playing t-ball and doesn’t like wearing a uniform, they decide she must be a girl.

As a woman, some days when I was little my parents couldn’t take me out the door to ballet practice because I just didn’t want to go, because I didn’t want to be a boy.

This mother’s argument has no logical justification as to why she decided to convert her child who does not fully understand the concept of gender.