The teacher prides herself on having her students pledge allegiance to the pride flag

The persuasion of children in our nation’s schools continues apace. A so-called teacher posted a TikTok video about tricking his students into pledging allegiance to the gay pride flag instead of the American flag.

The TikTok libs teacher saved the video mocking her students and America before deleting it, according to The Post Millennial.

The clip begins with the teacher looking bewildered while the Pledge of Allegiance plays in the background. The caption “The first day my students didn’t realize there was no American flag in my room” is visible.

The video then transitions to a scene showing a pride flag on a wall with the caption “They realized I only have a pride flag.”

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The clip ends with the teacher looking directly at the pride flag. The caption “They Pledge Allegiance to the Proud Flag Anyway” appears.

Pledge of Allegiance never stops playing during bad videos.


This promotion strategy has become a fairly common phenomenon in recent years. Even Pete Buttigieg’s husband has taken part in this toxic mix of anti-Americanism and brainwashing.

Post from Millennium:

It has become a common phenomenon in American classrooms for teachers to take on the role of political activists. There are pride flags in classrooms across the country, and some teachers take to social media to brag about the LGBTQ+ library materials available to their students.

In 2021, Christine Pitzen, a public school teacher in Orange County, California, was reportedly investigated after she posted a video on social media showing her students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag after removing the American flag because it “made her uncomfortable.”

Last year, students at an elementary school in Maryland were invited by school staff to hold up pride flag posters that read, “Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality and Pride.”

Even Biden’s transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband was caught on video mocking the Pledge of Allegiance with a group of LGBTQ+ kids at a “gay camp.” Chasten Buttigieg, a middle school teacher, was filmed making the “pledge to the rainbow flag” in 2019.