The NY Times article suggests that Democrats have given up on Kamala Harris for 2024

Democrats are worried about Kamala Harris in 2024 It’s easy to say because their favorite newspaper, the New York Times, recently did a less than complimentary article about him

The problem is that Kamala is less popular than Biden and even those on the left see her as ineffective.

He has no achievements to point to and not even a charismatic personality.

The Daily Caller offers some highlights from the NY Times piece:

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‘I can’t think of a thing she’s done’: Behind the scenes, Democrats are losing hope in Kamala Harris: report

According to The New York Times, some Democratic Party officials have lost confidence in Vice President Kamala Harris and believe she is in a losing position for the 2024 presidential election.

Critics of Harris contend that whether or not President Joe Biden decides to run for re-election in 2024 is a risk for a Democratic presidency. If Biden runs, opponents believe his name on the ballot could cost them the election, and if he doesn’t, they don’t believe he’s a strong enough candidate to win on his own, the NYT reported, citing anonymous Democrats. The White House, Capitol Hill and across the country.

“It’s going to be one of the toughest arguments against Biden in my opinion,” Democratic Party donor John Morgan told the NYT.

Now that Biden has indicated he wants to run again, the NYT reports that many Democrats worry that Harris’ name on the ticket as his running mate will deter voters. Their concern arose after a FiveThirtyEight poll showed Harris’ approval rating at 39%.

“I can’t think of anything he’s done other than being out of the way and standing by him on certain occasions,” Morgan told the NYT.

Harris was a terrible choice for VP and even Democrats.

Harris became known more for his weird sound salads than anything else.

Is it any wonder why Democrats want to dump him?