The GOP lost control of the state House to Democrats three months later in November

Republicans lose control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Democrats won a one-vote majority in the chamber Tuesday with sweeping victories in three special elections in Allegheny County, according to Spotlight Pennsylvania.

The wins give Democrats their first majority in the Pennsylvania House in twelve years, according to Fox News.

Tuesday’s contests ended a post-midterm period in which the governing party in the chamber was uncertain.

Republicans lost 12 seats in the chamber in the midterms, narrowing their 113-89 majority to a close tiebreaker.

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According to The New York Times, it initially appeared that Democrats had already won a majority in November, only for the death of one lawmaker and the resignation of two others to complicate the final outcome of state House elections.

Democrats replaced the legislators who resigned in special elections.

Can the Republicans win in 2024?

Democrats won special elections in three vacant state legislative seats to win seats located in the Pittsburgh metro area.

Joe McAndrew, Abigail Salisbury and Matt Gergely will be seated after the special election.

According to Fox News, the victory could set up a bid to replace the independent-leaning speaker of the Pennsylvania House.

Republicans struck a deal with Democrats to install Rep. Mark Rozzi as speaker, only for progressives in the legislature to quickly become disaffected with his leadership.

The special elections ended a midterm election that proved to be a complete disaster for Pennsylvania Republicans.

Republicans lost a U.S. Senate seat held by a retiring GOP and were badly blown out in the state’s gubernatorial race.

Democrats now control both Pennsylvania’s US Senate seats, the state House and the governor’s office.

Republicans still hold a majority in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

This article was originally published in the Western Journal.