The GOP isn’t just thinking about Trump and DeSantis

Jonathan Bernstein: “Although the presidential election is still 20 months away, the prospect of multiple certified candidates moving forward for the nomination also suggests that the Republican Party is open to change, whether to a more moderate direction or more conservative policy extremes.”

“Both Trump and DeSantis look formidable, at least in public. They dominate the polls nationally and in primary states and have received most of the primary endorsements from high-profile Republicans. There are no obvious political comparisons to Trump in the modern era, but either former president is a strong candidate. He’s still polling well among Republican voters, and he has much more support from the Republican Party than he did in his first run in 2016.”

“While Trump may end up with the nomination, it’s important that other contenders aren’t afraid to openly oppose him. This tells us that many Republicans believe Trump will be in a worse position when voters in Iowa and New Hampshire make their choices early next year. And their hesitation is understandable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the former president is facing multiple investigations that could lead to criminal charges.”

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