“The German people have a right to know who attacked us.”

The AfD (Alternative for Germany) party has called a special debate in the German Bundestag on Friday to discuss veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh’s explosive revelations about possible CIA sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. AfD representative Markus Frohnmayer said that “a red line has been crossed” if the attack came from a NATO country and that in the Nord Stream “we have to know who was behind this attack.”

Markus Frohnmaier: Madam President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are facing a very serious situation.

In September, Nord Stream was blown up.

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Now almost five months later, horrible suspicions have arisen.

There are claims that the Nord Stream has been invaded by our own allies.

The United States and the Kingdom of Norway allegedly planned and carried out an explosive attack on the Nord Stream.

The complaint was made by an American citizen: award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh.

In an article published Wednesday, Harsh cited a source who appeared to have direct knowledge of the plan for the operation.

Hersch claims that the United States and Norway arranged for explosives to be placed on the Nord Stream pipeline during NATO naval maneuvers in the Baltic Sea last summer, which were remotely detonated months later.

The White House and the CIA have denied these allegations.

But we know how much you can trust American Intel Services.

Just remember (the revelations of Edward Snowden), who revealed that Chancellor (Angela) Merkel was being manipulated by the NSA.

An explosive attack on German infrastructure means a red line has been crossed.

Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty states: “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against all of them.”

An attack on the Nord Stream is an attack on Germany and thus on the entire alliance.

But if it is an ally that attacks our critical infrastructure, the trust that underpins any alliance will be destroyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, before I deliberately twist my words, I want to make one thing very clear:

I can’t rule out that the US and Norway blew up Nord Stream.

I also can’t deny that Russia blew up Nord Stream.

Actually, I can’t cancel anything.

And why not?

Why is it that, 137 days after the Nord Stream explosion, as a Member of Parliament, I still don’t know who did it?

Because, in these 137 days, our government has not done anything, zero, not even found a nanometer!

Almost five months on, the government of the world’s fourth-largest economy still doesn’t know who attacked us on our doorstep.

The kindest explanation for this utter failure is that our government consists of incompetent idiots whom no one takes seriously – not in Moscow, not in Washington, not in Oslo.

At worst, it means something completely different: this government has no interest in finding out who did it, this government is hiding the truth, This government is not working in the interest of Germany, but in the interest of other countries.

Unfortunately, there is ample evidence for this hypothesis.

In February 2022, US President Biden announced during a press conference with Olaf Scholz that Nord Stream would be shut down.

What did Chancellor Scholz say? Nothing!

And this week, the weekly newspaper Die Zeit revealed that Foreign Minister (Analena) Bierbock is systematically working with foreign governments to force the chancellor to deliver Leopard II tanks to Ukraine.

Such a foreign minister is not working in Germany’s interest.

Such a foreign minister is not serving his country.

A foreign minister who is capable of anything!

In these difficult times, we, the elected representatives of the German people, have a responsibility to do what the government has failed to do.

We need to provide insight.

The truth must be brought before us.

Allegations raised should be fully investigated.

We need to know who was behind this imagined attack on our country and who helped them.

The German people have a right to know who attacked us.

Watch the interview below:

Lecture by Markus Frohnmaier (in German / activate automatic subtitles via the YouTube menu at the bottom right):