The Chinese spy balloon revelation leaves us in two frightening situations

Here we have another news cycle that provides us with a drop in the docu-drama-like revelations plaguing the current and past administrations. However, this time we have valuable information coming from the Department of Defense regarding alleged past Chinese spy balloon intrusions.

Unfortunately, the information we’re getting raises more questions than it answers. In some ways, it appears that delaying the removal of the spy balloon was the right decision, allowing our government to gather valuable intelligence on our near-peer adversary.

But can we believe what our DOD is telling us? And if what they say is true, can we trust that they can extract all the intelligence possible and do something worthwhile with it?

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Talk about beefing it up

The latest incursion into our airspace by a Chinese eye floating in the sky does not appear to be the first. We are now learning that this has happened three times during the Trump administration. At the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), General Glenn VanHark owns up to his past failures.

“I will tell you that we haven’t identified those threats, and that’s a domain awareness gap that we need to figure out,” Gen. VanHark acknowledged.

This is an understatement; What is the work of General VanHark?

According to the general, “As NORAD commander, it is my responsibility to identify threats to North America.”

What a bang you are doing! NORAD doesn’t have much responsibility, it would appear. Perhaps they are spending too much time on their annual mission to track down Santa as he delivers presents to all the boys and girls. So how were the first balloons discovered?

“The intel community, after this incident, made us aware of the balloons that were previously heading toward North America or transiting North America,” General VanHark said.

Ah, yes, the same intelligence community known for being transparent and honest.

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Fake news?

Someday I hope to be an ‘anonymous’ source as I feel a bit left out as there seems to be a lot of running around the beltway. A U.S. official, who asked not to be named, claimed that once we realized the previously unknown sightings were Chinese spy balloons, they chose to keep it secret so as not to tell China how we discovered it.

How clever, how is it working for us now? I would argue that we look pretty unprepared and ridiculous.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, “I cannot speak to the information flow of the previous administration. I can tell you that we contacted key officials of the previous administration and briefed them on the forensics that we did. And we want them to walk through what we’ve learned.”

How generous you are; How about walking the American people through it? The former president isn’t buying this narrative, and I don’t think we should be either.

True Popping On Social, Former President Trump Posts “Now they’re revealing that China planted a balloon during the Trump administration to take the ‘heat’ off the slow-moving Biden idiots.”

He also claimed that all these rumors of the other three balloons were ‘delusions’. So is the Biden administration making this whole bogus balloon brouhaha?

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Panchmukhi drama

Yesterday, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, appeared on Fox News and dropped some serious truth bombs. At first, Mr. Gingrich highlighted that the timeline for this latest balloon mistake seems a bit off.

“When the military finds out about it, apparently there’s a period of three or four days where they don’t tell the president,” Gingrich said.

It seems strange; You’d think that would be something you’d say to the president unless the president had the mental acuity of a five-year-old. Then you won’t want to disturb him on the balloon.

There are whispers that when Uncle Joe was finally informed about the spy balloon, he asked the military to shoot it down but was rebuffed, leading to Mr Gingrich last night naming him ‘Suggestor in Chief’ vs Commander . chief

“This is yet another example of a bloated Pentagon bureaucracy that is more concerned with dealing with social problems than protecting the United States,” he said.

Now he speaks my language. Gingrich went through the Pentagon’s recent highlight reel, statement “Since Afghanistan, we’ve seen failure after failure, and the Pentagon needs a deep, thorough shakeup.”

Dare I say that Newt hints that there may be some deep rot inside our beloved defense department?

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Questions that will remain unanswered

Let’s spell out some of these paradoxes with this balloon buffoonery:

  • President Biden was not immediately notified
  • DOD claims they ‘missed’ 3 previous balloons
  • No one in the Trump administration had been notified of the missing balloon in advance
  • China has launched this giant balloon that can apparently be seen with the naked eye
  • China can spy on us much more covertly

So let’s dissect the idea that, as Mr. Trump and some of his former recruits have alleged, the previous three-balloon narrative is misleading or, simply, a lie. This would include not only the Biden administration but also the military and intelligence community in these alleged lies.

Now if that’s not enough to make you think you’re living in a simulated democracy, let’s dissect the idea that three balloons have occurred. I think the questions below are essential and not all-inclusive:

  • Why are we learning about this failure now?
  • Why did the Trump administration not know about the failure?
  • Why do we fail to detect spy balloons?
  • What has been done to mitigate this massive failure?

Will we ever get this answer? suspicious

My final thought for you – at best, our government is lying about near-peer spying efforts. At worst, our government is incompetent and hiding it from the American people and those we elect into office. So chew it up a bit and try to sleep well tonight.

Who is in charge? I can tell you it is very clear that it is not the president, past or present, but those military and defense bureaucrats who think they know best and prefer to advance their own agendas over serving and protecting.

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