The Biden crime family imploded for yet another corrupt deal while Joe was VP

Are all the classified and top secret documents found in all of Biden’s properties related to this? Is the Biden crime family trying to cover it up?

No surprise yesterday’s report about the Biden crime family involved in a $140 million deal with the Saudis while the corrupt Joe Biden was vice president in the Obama administration.

It seems weekly we hear about new corrupt and criminal activities involving schemes to play with the US government during Joe Obama’s tenure as VP.

The $140 million deal with the Saudis that the Bidens were in the middle of isn’t the Bidens’ biggest scandal on the American people.

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We know, for example, that China gave Hunter Biden $1 billion when Joe made it easier for Chinese companies to enter the US market.

VP Joe Biden’s moves have made it so that Chinese companies don’t have to comply with strict laws placed on American companies to ensure that US companies’ financials are correct. Chinese companies were able to circumvent these financial reporting controls and save millions in the process. As a result, US investors lost millions in Chinese companies when companies with fraudulent financial reports collapsed.

But the Biden crime family got his billions.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: VP Biden Gives China Easy Access to US Markets Then Hunter Gets $1 Billion, Now China’s Economy Is Failing and US Investors Are Stranded

Yesterday, Representative Lauren Boebert shared that the Biden crime family is the most corrupt family in the history of US politics.

Journalist Paul Sperry gives credit where credit is due claiming that Jim Biden was the mastermind behind the Biden family corruption.

The Biden crime family is the worst in US political history. Clinton stepped aside.