The Biden administration is lying about Chinese balloons

Now that the hysteria surrounding the Chinese “spy” balloon is over I hope that reason and logic will take over and we will realize that rather than a NORAD failure putting national security at risk, the Biden administration seized the wayward balloon as an opportunity to show off. Biden’s skills as a commander in chief on the eve of the State of the Union address. Of course, the misfits surrounding the equally shameless Biden turned the event into a dangerous clown show.

Let’s start with NORAD. NORAD’s commander admitted he was aware of the balloon as it approached Alaska but judged it “safe”.

VanHark said the US had “domain awareness” of the recent Chinese balloon when it approached Alaska:

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“It was my assessment that this balloon did not present a physical military threat to North America — that’s under my NORAD hat. And therefore, I could not take immediate action because it was not demonstrating hostile action or hostile intent,” he said.

Got it? Not hostile. At that point, the Biden administration could have done a few things. First, call the Chinese ambassador at the US State Department and demand an answer from Secretary of State Blinken about his wayward balloon from China. Second, Defense Secretary Austin could have called his counterpart in China and delivered the same message. If we had done that, the Chinese would have noticed that we weren’t asleep at the switch. But nothing happened to him.

Somewhere between Alaska and Montana the White House found out the balloon was going to float across the US and decided it would be great PR on the eve of the State of the Union. Joe Biden will take to Capitol Hill on Tuesday night to show off his chops as commander in chief by ordering a military strike on sauntering gas bags and the man who took on China.

But the bankrupt “brain” trust surrounding Joe Biden failed to anticipate the political and public backlash for doing nothing to protect American airspace until the balloon was over the ocean. Far from being seen as a strong decision maker, Biden was lampooned as an overzealous dementia sufferer who failed to protect America from a potentially lethal balloon.

Ballooning (and Biden’s reputation) wasn’t the only casualty from this bit of national security kabuki theater. Biden also blasted a gaping hole in US relations with China. Biden could have called his good friend General Secretary Xi Jinping to share his concerns about the balloons. But instead of using diplomacy and keeping the lines of communication open with China, Biden insulted his financial benefactors and made a pretext to shoot down stray planes and balloons that the Chinese are sure to use against us when the opportunity presents itself.

Alabama highlights Lloyd Austin’s feeble attempt to bring toothpaste back to Moon Tube:

China is not ready to pick up the phone after the balloon incident
Chinese officials have refused the US defense secretary’s request to speak with his counterpart after an American fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that Chinese Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin declined a third Saturday request to speak with his Chinese counterpart.

The Chinese were already alarmed by a leaked letter from Air Mobility Command chief General Mike Minihan:

The four-star Air Force general sent a memo Friday to the officers he commands predicting the U.S. will go to war with China within two years and telling them to prepare to fire “a clip” at a target and “aim for the head.”

In a memo sent Friday and obtained by NBC News, Air Mobility Command chief Gen. Mike Minihan said, “I hope I’m wrong. My gut says I will fight in 2025.”

Minihan’s unsolicited song, which had to be assumed to have the approval of his chain of command, was seen as a direct threat in Beijing. Imagine that you are the chief military planner of the Chinese military. You have the Minihan letter and you have what the Chinese call a weather balloon. Do you tell your bosses that the US is just kidding or do you conclude that the US is hell-bent on a military conflict? Any responsible analyst would go with the latter.

Biden and his incompetent national security team are playing with nuclear fire. China will not be oppressed. Unlike Biden, Xi Jinping and his national security team will be patient and make necessary preparations. I believe their willingness to favor the United States is ending in doubt. The world is more dangerous today than when Joe Biden took office.