The apparently dangerous MSU shooter is well known for arousing prosecutors

Reporters from several national outlets are camped out on a quiet street in North Lansing, Michigan, trying to get a description of the MSU shooter, reportedly 42-year-old Anthony McRae. McRae killed three people yesterday at Michigan State University in East Lansing and seriously injured five others who are recovering.

McRae lived with her father, Michael McRae, in a small house on Owens Ave. Michael was a church-going man who had been widowed within the past two years.

Oddly enough, MSU shooter Anthony McRae lived in Bear, Delaware, 2.2 miles from the men accused and convicted of ‘kidnapping’ Barry Croft, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, and earlier. Bear, Delaware is a small rural town in the state with 19,000 residents.

The MSU shooter lived in the same small Delaware town as one of Whitmer’s kidnappers

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From social media, the shooter’s son was haunted and his social media profile was full of such pictures and images. His Facebook account has since been deleted. The gunman worked in a Meijer grocery store warehouse.

The MSU shooter is obsessed with spiritual warfare

Shooter McRae, a convicted felon as of 2019, was found to have a loaded gun in his car, which carries a sentence of up to five years in state prison. McRae was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor and serve only probation.

Local prosecutors let MSU shooter off easy in 2019 with probation only

College campuses are ‘gun-free zones’ where no one is allowed to carry a weapon, including in the state of Michigan.

Neighbor Megan Bender told The Detroit News that gunshots could be heard from the McRae property, where neighbors would call local police and report the sounds. A Michigan outlet quoted neighbors as saying he was ‘shooting in the backyard to quiet the dogs.’ Discharging a firearm within city limits is a crime, “reckless use of a firearm” in Michigan, but there is no indication that either father or son were ever charged with that crime.

The shooter had known mental illness issues and authorities were aware of illegal gun possession

A ‘welfare check’ was called in on shooter Anthony McCrae last week but no details have been provided by authorities due to the ongoing investigation.

McRae allegedly carried out the murders on foot, roaming around campus and even crashing into several buildings and dorm rooms.

Multiple neighbors said they knew the gunman’s father, but had never seen or met the son accused of killing the student.

Reports largely incorrectly reported that there were multiple shooters, and response efforts were frustrated by a significant number of false reports of shots fired in other buildings. Social media lit up with various false claims that the shooter was not, and an image circulated widely that there were three people walking around with guns that looked like rifles.

Neighbors told Gateway Pundit that Michael is currently being questioned by the police. Neighbors said Baba was well-known in the community as a nice and peaceful person who picked up unwanted items and brought them back to their homes for repairs. Michael is a retired General Motors employee. The father told The Washington Post that his son lied about having an illegal gun in the home even though he saw bullet casings on the property.

Neighbor Kari Fox told reporters that Michael was “the sweetest man” who was very religious and that his wife and the shooter’s mother, Linda, died two years ago in 2020. ‘ After his mother’s death.

The body of alleged shooter Anthony McRae was found around 11:35 a.m. in an undisclosed ‘industrial area’ about five miles from the MSU campus in Lansing, Michigan, according to phone tips.