Some liberal cities plan to further handcuff the police by banning some

Some liberal cities are planning to ban police from making certain types of traffic stops.

You’d think that after all the crap about ‘defunding’ the police and the crime problems that followed, the people living in these cities would be tired of progressive law enforcement.

This is only going to make things worse.

The Daily Caller reports:

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Forget ‘defund the police’: There’s a new movement to handcuff the police

Several state and city leaders are taking steps to stop police from pulling over drivers for some less-serious traffic violations, a move that some experts believe threatens public safety.

Lawmakers in Washington state are pushing for a plan that would ban police traffic stops conducted for certain low-level traffic violations, and Oregon has already instituted a similar policy, while San Francisco followed Los Angeles and Los Angeles in a city-wide one. Considering the plan. Minneapolis is their own institution. According to experts who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation, such restrictions could effectively hinder enforcement against more serious crimes and put innocent civilians at risk.

Jack Smith, a legislative fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said such measures are “par for the course” in an ongoing “battle against police officers across the county, essentially handcuffing them, not letting them do their job.”

“I think people who support these bills would say that supposedly minor infractions like this are disproportionately used as an excuse to stop black or other minority members of their community,” Smith told DCNF. “But what officers find is that when they’re not allowed to enforce the laws that are on the books, it essentially leads to an increase in under-policing in many of these communities.”

This is madness.

Right, liberals are all pushing the same idea.

It’s amazing that the left is still pushing law enforcement to be less effective.