Satanic ‘Unholy’ Grammy Performance Presents… Pfizer?

The 65th annual Grammy Awards, held Sunday night in Los Angeles and airing on CBS, featured the usual Grammy tribute to the Prince of Darkness, this time apparently sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Sam Smith and transgender singer Kim Petrus’ satanic performance of the 2022 hit song Unholy (“Mommy don’t know daddy’s hot, in the body shop, something’s being defiled”) was followed by a promo that said the Grammy Awards show was sponsored by Pfizer.

Jill Biden made a “surprise” appearance at the end of the show. TGP report here. (Unholy is definitely a Biden family values ​​song.)

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End of performance video and Pfizer sponsor message.

Performance of Impure:

Smith and Petrus won a Grammy at the show for Unholy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

Lyrics Video:

How it actually works:

Benny Johnson noted a similarity between tonight’s performance and Joe Biden’s a few months ago. Same vibes, really.

A fitting prediction.

Savannah Hernandez, “Logging into Twitter and instantly seeing diabolical transsexuals everywhere. Subpar “musicians” are a sad cry for attention. Hollywood is dead and our culture has been conquered by the LGTBQ cult. Sad.”

up to date: The montage video includes Madonna’s introduction to Unholy:

Before the Grammy show, CBS tweeted Sam Smith, “We’re ready to worship!”

Monday afternoon update: Newsweek Confirms Pfizer Sponsorship of Grammys:

While Pfizer is not listed as an official partner of the 2023 Grammy Awards, it confirmed in a statement to Newsweek that it was a paying sponsor at this year’s event.

In response to Pfizer’s placement next to Sam Smith’s Satan-themed performance, a Pfizer spokesperson told Newsweek, “We sponsored the overall Grammys, not a specific performance. Beyond that, we do not comment on our efforts to raise awareness.”