Sarah Palin says Ron DeSantis should stay out of the 2024 race

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should stay out of the 2024 presidential race.

DeSantis has not announced any intention to run, but there is widespread speculation that he will.

Palin weighed in during an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday.

“DeSantis doesn’t need it [run]” Palin said. “I envision him as our president, but not right now.

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“He should be governor a little longer,” he continued. “He’s young, you know. He is decades ahead of where he could be our president.

Palin said a good debate in the primaries would be better for the party, but she still believes Donald Trump will win.

“I’m all about healthy, competitive primaries,” Palin said. “It makes everyone debate more clearly and work harder and let people know [their] There are records and visions for this country. And so, I prefer healthy debate and competitive primaries.”

“But when you talk about specific individuals, individual individuals who are looking to put their hat in the ring, … they’ve taken a lot of courage to think they’re going to stand up against Trump,” he continued.

So far, Trump and neoconservative warmonger Nikki Haley are the only Republicans who have announced their campaigns for 2024.