Revival begins at Asbury University, chapel services underway

A chapel service at Asbury University in Kentucky that began last Wednesday is still going on more than 7 days later.

Thousands came in and out of Asbury University’s auditorium to receive a new touch from God.

Lexington 18 News reported “many people have received much healing and restoration in their lives and people are coming to Christ for the first time and hearing the gospel for the first time.”

The chapel service started last week and did not end at the regularly scheduled time as 30 students decided to stay in the auditorium to seek God.

Those students never left and continued singing until the next day.

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Since then, church services have been running non-stop.

Here are some views of the services:

Last week the auditorium was nowhere near its capacity but since then it has been filled to near capacity of 1,500 people.

Per Religion News:

The revival disrupted life and brought national attention to Asbury, an evangelical Christian school in Wilmore, Kentucky, about half an hour outside of Lexington. Videos of students singing, crying and praying have been posted on social media, leading to both criticism and praise from viewers. News of the revival has also drawn students and other visitors to participate in ongoing prayers and worship on campus.

“We’ve been here in Hughes Auditorium for over a hundred hours — praying, crying, worshiping and united — out of love,” wrote Alexandra Presta, editor of the school’s student newspaper, The Asbury Collegian, which has been chronicling the services. Campus “We’ve expanded to Asbury Theological Seminary and beyond to Estes Chapel across the street. I can boldly declare that love because God is love.”

Students from the University of Kentucky, Purdue University, Indian Wesleyan and other nearby schools are all flocking to Asbury to witness the revival.

This isn’t the first time Asbury University has undergone a revival.

In 1973, an “outpouring of the Spirit of God” took place on campus.