Representative Byron Donalds slammed Democrats who say the focus on border security is one

Rep. Byron Donalds has tried to continue painting Republican efforts to control and protect our southern border with Democrats as part of a “white nationalist conspiracy,” so during a hearing this week, black conservatives told them that if they really believed they were his mouthpiece. Can say it near.

The situation was sparked by a tweet from the official Twitter account of Oversight Committee Democrats on Wednesday.

“Good morning and good luck to all the @GOPoversight members who are using today’s hearing to expand white nationalist conspiracy theories instead of a comprehensive solution to protecting our borders and strengthening our immigration system,” read the post.

Donalds was not going to put up with this and made that abundantly clear during the hearing.

“I’m not doing it,” Donalds said of the allegations. “So if you feel this strongly, walk over to this side of the room and let’s talk about it face to face. But leave such silly things for someone else. Don’t bring it here today. This stuff is serious.”

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The challenge is not acceptable

As of this writing, the tweet accusing Republicans of spreading “white nationalist conspiracy theories” is still running, and no one has publicly or privately confronted Rep. Donald’s challenge was not accepted.

However, that didn’t stop some Democrats from trying to bring it up during the hearings. Democrats called out Representative Paul Gosar, Republican of Arizona, who said President Biden’s plan to handle the influx of immigrants at the southern border was “more big brother, more regulation, even changing our culture.”

“I understand what he’s trying to say,” said Rep. Maxwell Frost, a Democrat. “But I believe that immigrants are Americans and therefore part of American culture.”

While other Democrats tried to play down recent issues of drug and human trafficking along the southern border, Gosser stood firm in his views.

“Illegal immigration changes our culture of law enforcement,” Gosser said. “We have a legitimate process for immigration. Millions of people have immigrated here legally. But over the past two years, six million illegal aliens have violated our laws and are changing our culture based on the rule of law.”

He concluded by saying that “my colleague on the committee talked about legal immigration becoming part of our culture. And with that, I agree. But I parted ways with them over illegal immigration.”

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Border is broken

Border officials made it clear during the hearings that the number of criminals crossing between the United States and Mexico has created a near-catastrophic environment for border states, and now the consequences are affecting the entire nation.

Border Chief John Modlin stressed his concern about the number of single adult men entering the country near Tucson, Arizona.

“The most significant factor that separates Tucson from the rest of the Southwest border is the immigrant population,” Modlin said.

“Most of the encounters in Tucson are single adult men who try to avoid detection. The smuggling organizations in our south are very organized and resourceful,” he said, referring to the cartels. “Every person passing through the Tucson sector must pay these criminal organizations. There are thousands of these criminal organizations. Various tactics are used to smuggle migrants across the border.”

The ongoing fentanyl crisis is also fueled by the number of traffickers bringing this deadly drug into our country. This complicates matters further because a large amount of fentanyl has been found to have been manufactured in China.

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