Report: Trump wants to expand death penalty – even firing squad – for violent criminals

Rolling Stone is reporting that “close aides” to Donald Trump have indicated that the former president is looking to expand the use of the death penalty for violent criminals and drug dealers, even suggesting that executions be broadcast live on television.

The report also reads like it was written by a leftist who is openly imagining what a ‘dictator’ Trump might do if he returns to the White House, as opposed to anything based in reality.

This is the same magazine that paid millions to a lawsuit after being forced to retract a sensational but ultimately unproven rape story.

That said, the magazine is now reporting that Trump’s desire to expand the death penalty includes bringing back firing squads and/or using the guillotine.

“Trump has talked about bringing back death by firing squad, hanging and, according to two sources, possibly even the guillotine,” they claimed. “He, sources say, also discussed group executions.”

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Trump Report Wants to Expand Death Penalty, Air Live

See, Donald Trump’s willingness to expand the death penalty for violent criminals and even implement it as punishment for high-profile, violent drug dealers is well documented.

It’s not so far-fetched that he’s talking about expanding it.

What borders on absurd here is the idea that he wants to promote people being beheaded on a pay-per-view special.

I’m sorry, but you almost get the sense that each of the “close associates” who spoke to Rolling Stone had a personal bet with the others about how far they could take the story and still have reporters believe them.

According to the magazine, Trump has even “considered televising footage of executions, including those showing condemned prisoners in their final moments of life.

Better yet, they claim Trump wants to create a WWE-style video package of executions that “will include footage of this new execution, if not from the exact moment of death.”

One can only imagine. A violent criminal is led to the guillotine, dramatic music plays then BAM, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and the executioner appears to lower the blade.

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Could it work?

Some have argued that the death penalty is not an effective deterrent to violent crime. Others have suggested that its effectiveness is less important than the need to punish violent criminals because they should die for their crimes.

Trump, as previously noted, has been a strong supporter of the death penalty, advocating the death penalty for those who kill police officers during his 2020 presidential campaign.

“One of the first things I’ll do in terms of the executive order, if I win, is to sign a strong, powerful statement that goes out to the country, to the world, that anybody who kills a policeman, a policewoman, a police officer, anybody. Killed a police officer: There’s going to be a death penalty, right? Trump says.

Trump also suggested that the death penalty could deter drug dealers.

“Some countries have a very, very severe penalty, the ultimate penalty,” he explained. “However, they have far fewer drug problems than we do.”

And he half-jokingly suggested that traitors like Boe Bergdahl should be subjected to firing squads.

With all that said, I can’t imagine a scenario where Trump, once back in the White House, starts beheading or hanging criminals during prime-time specials.

A spokesperson for the former president issued a statement to Rolling Stone about their claims.

“More ridiculous and fake news from idiots who have no idea what they’re talking about,” the person said. “Either these people are making up lies out of thin air, or Rolling Stone is allowing itself to be duped by these idiots.”

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