Report: Hunter Biden withholds salary, then pays cash-strapped female aide

Shocking text messages show Hunter Biden withheld pay, then sent the cash-strapped female assistant various sums of money until she had video sex with him on FaceTime.

The messages were obtained by the Daily Mail through analysis of the president’s son’s infamous “laptop from hell”.

The outlet posted screenshots of messages that show Biden texting a 29-year-old assistant who worked at Hunter’s law firm, Owasco, in 2018 and 2019.

Initial messages from the woman indicated that she was “scraping up” and unable to pay rent, with Hunter responding that she “[make] For back pay” and “I feel terrible for treating you so badly.”

The woman, whose identity is being protected by the Daily Mail, emailed the law firm to question why she had failed to receive a paycheck and her dental insurance had not gone through after a recent visit.

In exchange for back pay, however, First Son insists that he “make up for back work” by Facetiming her.

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Hunter Biden threatens to withhold back pay from female assistant if she doesn’t video sex him

According to the Daily Mail, the female assistant represents the fourth known employee with whom he had a sexual relationship.

And the Democrat Party has been remarkably silent on such brazen abuse of power in exchange for sex. Especially considering this group once convinced the public that Mitt Romney was the worst abuser for having a ‘binder full of women’.

Subsequent text messages revealed show the conversation becoming more casual, the proposals more obvious.

“If we’re on FT (FaceTime) the rules are that we don’t talk about anything but sex and we must be naked and do whatever the other person asks within reason,” Hunter appears to text.

This specific instruction was sandwiched between two Apple Pay payments totaling $1,250.

Another message advises the woman to “set up the phone” so she can “spy on your shower.”

A later sequence shows Biden asking, “Can I see you (sic) pretty a**?

A payment of $25 is sent and Biden then writes, “Amazing.”

The sexting continued and the messages became increasingly graphic.

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Republicans set to investigate

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been a virtual abyss of evidence.

The Political Insider reported on a video of Hunter over the summer, naked, waving around a handgun while playing with a prostitute.

In September, a video surfaced of her slipping down a slide naked into a pool at a $4,140 Malibu rental home.

Other videos show Hunter photographing himself weighing his stash of crack cocaine and fondling himself.

His laptop had photos of him with prostitutes, sometimes involving pets, and discussed smoking Parmesan cheese, mistaking it for crack cocaine.

Video sex session with this special female assistant? According to the Daily Mail, they were filmed and the images were also saved on his laptop’s hard drive.

The new GOP majority in the House has indicated it will conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and what role President Biden played in them – if any.

The House Oversight Committee is expected to hold a hearing in February on Twitter and its handling of a 2020 New York Post story about the Biden laptop.

Hunter Biden’s tax and foreign business dealings are already under federal investigation, and the Washington Post first reported that he can Will be charged with tax felony and a false statement related to the purchase of a gun.

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