Prosecutors have asked Trump’s lawyer to testify

“Federal prosecutors overseeing the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents are seeking to pierce claims of attorney-client privilege and compel one of his lawyers to answer more questions before a grand jury, adding an aggressive new dimension to the probe and underscoring the legal dangers facing Mr. Trump, ” reported the New York Times.

“Prosecutors have asked a federal judge for approval of what’s known as a felony-fraud exception, which allows them to work around the attorney-client privilege when they have reason to believe that legal advice or legal services have been used to further the cause. crime. Lawyer M. Prosecutors invoked an exception under seal to compel Evan Corcoran’s testimony, citing the fact that they believe Mr. Trump or his allies used Mr. Corcoran’s services in that way.”

“Questions the Justice Department has been examining since last year include whether Mr. Trump or his aides obstructed justice by failing to comply with demands to return government materials he took with him from the White House when he left office. Hundreds of documents with classified markings.”

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