Poll: 60% of Americans Say Biden ‘Hasn’t Accomplished Much’

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square)

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, a majority of Americans surveyed said they don’t believe President Joe Biden has “accomplished much since taking office.”

If a rematch were held between Biden and former President Donald Trump, 48% of respondents said they would vote for Trump; 44% for Biden.

According to the poll, 62% of Americans say Biden has accomplished “not much” or “little or nothing” since taking office; 12% said he accomplished “a great deal,” 25% said he accomplished “a good amount.”

The Washington Post reports, “On many of Biden’s signature initiatives — from improving the nation’s infrastructure to making electric vehicles more affordable and creating jobs — most Americans say they don’t believe he’s made progress.

According to the poll, a majority of those polled disapprove of the president’s two years in the job. His approval rating, according to polls, is 42%; 53% disagreed.

A majority, 58%, also disapproved of its management of the economy; 37% said they approved.

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On the issue of border security, 59% disapprove, 28% approve.

Among those surveyed, 14% said they have a lot of confidence in Biden’s ability to make the right decisions for the country’s future; 45% said they had “nothing.”

Only 9% said they have “a lot of confidence” in the ability of congressional Republicans to make the right decisions for the country’s future; 36% said they had “nothing.”

Slightly more, 12%, said they have “great confidence” in the ability of congressional Democrats to make the right decisions for the country’s future; 39% said “nothing.”

Only 5% said they had “a great deal of confidence” in Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy; 36% said they had “nothing.”

A strong majority of respondents said Biden has not made progress on the four issues cited in the survey. When it comes to making electric vehicles more affordable, 26% say they’ve made progress, 56% say they haven’t.

Regarding reducing prescription drug costs, 30% said they were; 47% said he did not.

On improving roads and bridges, 32% said he had improved; 60% said he did not.

Regarding creating better jobs in their community, 34% said he was; 60% said he did not.

When Democratic respondents were asked whether they wanted the Democratic Party to nominate Biden for a second term in 2024 or nominate someone else, 31% said Biden; 58% said someone else.

When Republican respondents were asked the same question about Trump, 67% said they would nominate Trump; 30% said someone else.

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A little more than one-third, 36%, said they would be satisfied with Biden’s reelection in 2024; 62% said they would be dissatisfied.

If Trump is elected president in 2024, 43% say they would be satisfied; 56% are dissatisfied.

However, if a presidential election were held today among respondents, 48% said they would vote for Trump, compared to 44% for Biden, according to the poll.

The poll was conducted among 1,003 adults from January 27 to February 1 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

Syndicated with permission from Center Square.