Outrageous! Australian mother refuses life-saving heart surgery because she

Vicky Darderian (Source: Today Show)

A mother of two from Victoria, Australia was denied a life-saving heart transplant after she refused to receive a COVID-19 shot despite having a medical exemption.

On Sunday, Vicky Darderian and her husband John appeared on Carl Stefanovic’s Today show on Channel Nine to explain how the government and doctors denied her access to life-saving treatment.

After suffering heart failure in 2020, Vicki Dardarian was forced to rely on a ventricular assist device (VAD) to keep blood circulating throughout her body.

“In 2020, I had very severe heart failure, during which my organs started to shut down. So I was not ready for the transplant then. So the only choice for me at that time was to go to a ventricular assist device, which is a mechanical pump that pumps blood throughout the body because my heart can’t,” Darderian said on Channel 9’s Today Show.

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“For me to do that, I had to go through a very difficult procedure because these machines were surgically inserted. I was in intensive care for a month and a half. I was on life support because I couldn’t breathe. After being released from intensive care, I Spent another three months in hospital and rehab,” he continued.

Because of her heart condition, Ms Darderian, who claimed she was not anti-vaxxer, said she would “think twice” about getting the vaccine. He fears that the experimental COVID-19 shot will make his condition worse.

“I have to clean it up. I am not anti-vaxxer. I took all the necessary vaccinations to work my way up to the heart transplant. But when it came to Covid-19, after reading all the information and knowing about my condition, I wanted to minimize the risk as much as possible. Because, you know, a heart transplant is not a walk in the park operation. It is very complex and has many risks. And to deal with those risks on top of the unknown risks of vaccinations getting partial approval, I had to think twice and it’s a very difficult decision,” he said.

Darderian said he was told “no jab, no heart” when Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services denied him access to life-saving heart surgery.

He claimed doctors refused to treat him because of vaccination requirements imposed by the Victorian government.

“The hospital’s stance at this point is no jab, no heart. I am ready to be on the heart transplant list as I am medically stable to be on it. But unfortunately, because of this order, it has interfered with the patient-doctor relationship.”

“Patients like me, we are pushed into a corner and forced to take something that goes against what we believe. or do not receive life-saving treatment. And for doctors as well, they are forced to apply it to their patients or they will lose their jobs,” he continued.

Dr Nick Coatsworth, the former deputy chief health officer, said he understood Ms Darderian’s situation but was “following the rules”.

“From a transplant physician’s point of view… the biggest risk to you when we hit your immune system is that if you get Covid-19 without getting the vaccine, there’s a really significant risk that you die and that organ dies. You,” says Dr. Coatsworth.

“And we don’t want that to happen to you, and we certainly don’t want that to happen to the families who have made this sacred donation. So it’s a tricky area. I don’t envy your decision, but I’m in favor of the rules that transplant physicians have made here. Wait,” he continued.

Host Carl Stefanovich interrupted and asked the doctor, “So Nick, doctors are now deciding not to treat someone because of the possibility of getting COVID-19 in the hospital, do we now stop treating people?”

“On the contrary, Carl,” replied Dr. Coatsworth. “This is a proactive treatment decision by the medical community. That has not changed during COVID-19.

“I know there’s a lot of gray in the Covid-19 curve, a lot of gray. You and I discussed them last week on this show. This is black and white. Unfortunately, we have to try to convince people like Vicki and John, we have to do our best to convince them. If we ultimately fail, that means the organ is not transplanted.”

Dr. Coatsworth advised Ms. Darderian to reconsider getting the vaccine, claiming that there is a very low chance of serious side effects from the COVID-19 shot.

“I know that the COVID-19 vaccine has risks. It’s a very small risk compared to what you’ve been doing with VADs in the ICU, post-transplant ICU. All of these risks are actually greater than the COVID-19 risk. I know you’ve heard this before… but from the bottom of my heart, I hope you’re able to work with them [doctors] And maybe get that vaccine. if i [were] In your position, I’d take it [vaccine] Because I think it’s the safest thing to do. And I know you disagree with me, and I respect that decision, but please reconsider,” Dr. Coatsworth said.

Ms. Dardarian denied this and told the doctor, “In terms of risk, I’m more at risk of complications from VAD than any other. And also, in terms of treatment, there are therapeutic treatments that are available to treat COVID. Should I have covid?”

You can watch the full interview below:

The fully vaccinated Karl Stefanovic was the same host who said he was vaccinated against COVID-19. You can read it below: