Newsmax reporter John Kirby grilled on Biden’s decision to use $400,000 missile

NSC spokeswoman John Kirby fielded the question during Friday’s press briefing.

A reporter asked John Kirby on Friday if Biden would use expensive missiles to take out benign objects if he could do it over again.

Three objects were shot down last week – one over the Yukon in Canadian airspace and two over US airspace.

Biden said Thursday that the three objects shot by the $400,000 Sidewinder were likely weather balloons.

The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade told Politico that they believe one of the balloons that was shot down was theirs.

Cost of those balloons: $10-$15.

Biden probably used a $400,000 rocket to drop a $10 balloon.

However, Joe Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to fly over the continental United States.

Joe Biden has never made the right decision in his life.

“Knowing everything he knows now, he will [Biden] Take the exact same action and fire these expensive missiles at these benign objects?” Newsmax Chief White House Correspondent James Rosen asked Kirby.

Kirby refused to say.