Nevada governor declares state of emergency after major fuel pipeline leak

On Friday night, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo (R) declared a state of emergency after a fuel leak was discovered in southern California, shutting down a pipeline supplying Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

“Tonight, I am declaring a state of emergency for fuel pipeline leaks affecting southern Nevada,” Governor Lombardo said in a message. liberation Late Friday night.

“This emergency declaration will allow us to obtain federal waivers and resources while we navigate the evolving repair timeline, and it will allow us to increase fuel transportation in other ways during this period. As we continue to monitor this dynamic situation, our office at Kinder Morgan, Nevada Division of Emergency management and will be in constant communication with Clark County officials,” he added.

Governor. Lombardo urged his electorate to avoid panic buying.

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“Once the estimated repair time is finalized, our office will provide an update. To avoid any unnecessary shortages, I strongly urge all Las Vegas residents to avoid panic shopping while awaiting repair timeline updates,” he concluded.

Drivers are already waiting in huge lines to fill their tanks as the pipeline’s closure has sparked widespread concern despite the governor’s pleas.

The first leak was discovered Thursday at a pumping station in Long Beach, California, according to Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, which operates the affected pipeline.

On Saturday afternoon, Clark County released an update on the Kinder Morgan pipeline leak/fuel transmission situation.

“Clarke County officials continue to monitor the fuel transmission situation at Kinder Morgan and the county plans to continue our emergency declaration until we are certain that our regular amount of fuel is moving through the pipeline and into our region. Kinder Morgan reported that it had isolated the source of the leak at its facility in Long Beach, California. The company expects to resume pipeline operations this afternoon and begin delivering this fuel,” Coun said In a statement.

“As a precaution, local residents are encouraged to avoid panic shopping to help conserve fuel and limit potential impacts due to this temporary disruption.”

“Going forward, Clark County will continue to coordinate with local, state and federal stakeholders as well as our transportation partners who help move fuel in and around the region so we can be prepared for such emergency weather in the future.”