More train derailments fuel calls for Pete Buttigieg to resign

Locals affected by the recent train derailment in Ohio, which released toxic chemicals into the air and water, were not pleased with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s lack of involvement, so much so that some residents cleaned it up during a recent town hall.

“Where’s Pete Buttigieg?” one resident asked East Palestine Mayor Trent Conway. “Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” Conaway replied, “your guess is as good as mine.”

Mayor Conaway also let it slip that the first time she heard from the White House was this Tuesday, weeks after the catastrophic derailment.

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Seriously, where’s the booty gig?

Yesterday, Senators Marco Rubio and JD Vance co-wrote a letter requesting a summary of the efforts made by the Department of Transportation in response to the situation.

The only recent public information from Buttigieg so far was a tweet sent Tuesday night, which said that his department is “limited by law in certain areas of rail regulation (such as the braking rule that was repealed by the Trump administration in 2018 because of the law passed by Congress in 2015). (a law to do), but we are using our powers to keep people safe.”

Later on Wednesday he replied Twitter Exchange between Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Ilhan Omar, both demanding “congressional investigation and direct action” from Buttigieg.

he response reposted the comment, adding “Glad to see the new found bipartisan agreement here. We can start by discussing steps Congress can take to reduce rail safety and USDOT restrictions in this area. Give us a call, we can do some good. .”

While that’s the thing, people are reaching out, actually continuing to reach out to a lot of important people yet Buttigieg seems concerned about the number of white responders to the derailment scene.

Michael Reagan, the EPA administrator, has commented frequently on the situation in Ohio and is currently planning to visit East Palestine. Buttigieg’s response to that? Just retweeting Regan’s Video announcement; Reagan has made no announcements of her own to join the tour or make plans of her own.

In response to an inquiry from Fox News Digital today, the Department of Transportation said the National Transportation Safety Board is currently the lead investigator on the incident in Ohio, while they are only in a “supportive role.”

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Call for resignation

Many critics have called for Buttigieg to resign, claiming that the incident is just another example of his inability to respond like a leader.

Tudor Dixon, a former Michigan gubernatorial candidate and someone with experience in manufacturing, tweeted “Pete Buttigieg’s complete failure as Secretary of Transportation and the latest derailment in Michigan are more reasons why he is unfit to serve.”

Dixon was referring to a derailment outside of Detroit that occurred today. Reports indicate that this train may also be transporting toxic chemicals.

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board also publicly called for Buttigieg’s resignation.

“Buttigieg is notorious for wasting taxpayers’ time on inefficiencies like ‘racist roads’ and gender-inclusive pronouns, while transportation infrastructure crumbles,” the editorial said. “An ambitious politician with almost no experience, he is desperate to limit his estranged relationship with black Democratic voters, the result of his racially divided tenure as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.”

“If Buttigieg is serious about ‘equity,'” the piece continued, “he should resign and ask President Joe Biden to replace him with a black nominee. We’re not interested in tokenism, but such a move would at least bring the nation to the DOT. will give a better chance of efficiency.”

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