MAGA representative Lauren Boebert is upset – says Americans own 46% of all guns

MAGA representative Lauren Boebert believes that Americans own less than 50% of the world’s guns is a depressing statistic and “we need to increase the numbers.”

Boebert made the hilarious remark during a floor speech condemning a new mandate by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to require gun owners to register firearms with pistol braces (which, of course, has lefty pearls).

Boebert’s colleague, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, introduced a bill that would repeal the ATF in response to the pistol braces ruling that made a number of gun owners felons overnight.

In his speech, the Colorado Republican echoed Dr. Derek Ellerman of The Political Insider who suggested ‘Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms’ should be the name of a convenience store.

“Alcohol, tobacco and firearms,” ​​he said. “In western Colorado, we call it a fun weekend.”

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Lorraine Bobert Gun ownership in America is very low

Boebert denounced “DC bureaucrats” who he accused of using the “ATF to violate the rights of the American people.”

He cited the bureau’s involvement in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal under Barack Obama — a government-run gun operation against Mexican drug cartels that left dozens dead, including border agent Brian Terry.

The congresswoman also noted that “gun-free zones are the most dangerous places in our country.”

Patrick Neville, a survivor of the 1999 Columbine shootings, said: “Time and time again we see a common theme that mass shootings happen in gun-free zones.”

Boebert then suggested that not enough Americans were taking advantage of their right to bear arms.

“The Second Amendment is absolute and it is here to stay. A recent report said that Americans own 46% of the world’s guns,” he said. “I think we need to raise our numbers, boys and girls.”

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He doesn’t shy away from his guns

Lauren Bobert’s unbridled zeal to defend gun ownership in America has at times raised the ire of the left to comical effect.

He took some heat from anti-gun Democrats after a Zoom call with other lawmakers in 2021 in which guns sat on a shelf behind him.

“I always thought my dirty dishes and bacteria buildup were the most dangerous things in the Zoom background,” quipped Rep. Katie Porter. in time.

Boebert shot back in epic fashion, “Do your dishes, hon.”

Later that year, he posted a photo of his four children posing with guns in front of a Christmas tree, leading Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to suggest he was trying to erase the meaning of Christmas.

Boebert hit out at 14 Republicans who voted with Democrats to advance a gun control bill in June, less than two hours after the text was circulated.

The bill, which improves background checks for anyone under 21, establishes a federal grant program to encourage states to enact unconstitutional ‘red flag’ laws, and increases funding for school safety and mental health care, is slated for Republican support later that month. Thanks bye

It was signed into law by President Biden.

“Our Second Amendment is under siege by the very people it’s supposed to protect us against,” Boebert said Tweeted.

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