Liberty Lockdown banned channel on YouTube after posting anti-war speech

The Liberty Lockdown channel has been permanently banned from YouTube after posting anti-war rhetoric.

The channel’s creator, Clint Russell, said that in his final video, he quoted Martin Luther King Jr. and called for “love and peace for all mankind.”

“If this is my last word, so be it,” Russell wrote in a tweet. “If this makes @TeamYouTube feel unsafe, what else can I do to play by their rules.”

“What a sad situation,” added Russell.

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Russell recently moderated a panel featuring anti-trafficking advocate Elijah Blue, during which they hypothetically discussed how society would handle human trafficking and sex crimes against minors in a liberal or anarcho-capitalist society with no federal government.

Blue has been at the center of a massive controversy after a couple of YouTubers received a 12-hour suspension on Twitter for posting screenshots of her behind from a video she made in the past. The makers rallied and argued that he had the tweets removed by the platform abusing his contacts on Twitter, but he maintained that he did not.

Russell believes that people likely targeting his channel are reporting on these discussions.

“Three years, pouring my soul into that channel, went overnight with zero explanation,” Russell told Gateway Pundit. “I can only assume that my 18-month-old interview with Elijah Blue exposed the cancellation mob that YouTube happily acknowledged. Thank God for the Rumble.”

The only new video uploaded to the channel this month was an anti-war speech, which you can still watch on the Liberty Lockdown Rumble channel.