Joy Reid accuses DeSantis of turning Florida into ‘right-wing fantasy land’

MSNBC host Joy Reid lashed out at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, suggesting he’s turning the Sunshine State into a veritable hell on earth.

And it is. sound. Awesome.

Reed began his diatribe on Tuesday’s show by spewing falsehoods that teachers could face criminal charges for having the wrong books in their classrooms.

“Teachers who display or give a student a book deemed unauthorized can face up to five years in prison,” Reid said.

“You heard right. Five years in jail for giving a book to a child,” he added suggesting the book The Life of Rosa Parks fall under that umbrella.

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Let’s start with all the wrong details

Joy Reid continues her attack on Florida’s governor by adding a few more provable lies to the pile.

“Not only is he banning history books and no mention of gays from Florida schools, he’s barring AP African American Studies from being taught in public high schools,” he said.

What DeSantis is banning are studies that push a political agenda or force inappropriate material on certain older students. AP African American courses fall into that category. The College Board admitted largely inappropriate material, removing references to critical race theory and queer identities.

Additionally, there is no ban on mentioning homosexuals in schools. Reed is referring to the complete fantasy from the media that Florida has a ‘don’t say gay’ law.

In fact, DeSantis signed the Parents’ Rights Act that restricts teachers and school districts from providing classroom instruction about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade. (As always, one must ask why one would So endless forcing these sex lessons on very young children.)

As for the criminal charges for inappropriate books — the Washington Post article he was referring to — he had to revise the basis of his rant after the Florida Department of Education straightened them out.

The article now reflects the fact that criminal charges will come from an “outdated” law involving “obscene and pornographic material” distributed to minors and will not apply to “less obscene books such as The Life of Rosa Parks

Florida Department of Education Communications Director Alex Lanfranconi accused the media of spreading misinformation and said the possibility of a teacher facing criminal charges for providing students with an ‘unauthorized book’ is “plainly untrue.”

But beyond that All of itJoy Reid’s report was factual.

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Florida’s Joy Reid sounds pretty good

Joy Reid ends her invective against Florida by running down all the reasons why the state is considered a hell hole. And quite honestly, it all sounds pretty good.

He accused DeSantis of “turning Florida into a right-wing paradise.”

“He’s taking aim at the pulled performance, even suggesting he’ll ask the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their own children to one,” Reid explained.

“He is actively seeking to ban the Covid vaccine mandate and restrict mask regulations while simultaneously calling for an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing associated with the vaccine,” Reed continued.

“And he’s doing all this while making sure anyone can walk around with a gun, no permit required.”

Reid concluded that Florida was “a right-wing fantasy land — like Disney World but in hell,” adding: “Come to Florida, the worst place on earth.”

Yes. We’ll take it more on steroids.

However, Joy, Florida is such a hell that people are fleeing the blue state in droves to get there. Florida sees its population grow by 319,000 in 2022.

why Would people actively choose to go to the “worst place on earth”?

Perhaps because they’re trying to fight inappropriate material in schools, fight drag shows in front of kids, ban vaccines and mask mandates, and stick up for the Second Amendment.

Throw in no income tax and Florida is truly a fantasy land. America is what it’s supposed to be.

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