Indian immigrant mother accused of being associated with ‘white supremacists’

Suparna Dutt, who immigrated to the US from India, was accused of being associated with ‘white supremacists’ and had her nomination to the Virginia Board of Education blocked by Democrats after she argued that socialism was “incompatible with democracy.”

Dutt was appointed to the board by Republican Gov. Glenn Yonkin in July.

But her nomination was pulled a week before her seat was confirmed when Virginia state senator Ghazala Hashmi made a last-minute amendment to remove the mother of two from the nomination list.

Hashmi’s amendment passed on a party-line vote, 22-18.

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Suparna Dutt has been booted from the Virginia Board of Education

Controversy surrounding Suparna Dutta’s appointment to the Virginia Board of Education stems from her recent defense of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as well as her opposition to socialism.

Dutt last week clashed with board member Ann Holton who argued she was “uncomfortable” with proposed changes to the history and social science standards that identified the founding papers as “significant documents”.

“You can’t point to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as significant documents that contain the fundamental flaw of enshrining slavery and limiting the protections they provided to only white, property-owning males,” Holton said.

Holton is the wife of Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

He then argued that communism might not be compatible with democracy, with “many governments” calling themselves socialist democratic governments.

“I think socialism is as bad as communism,” Dutt replied. “It co-opts important decisions that belong to families and individuals.”

“I came from a country that was more socialist than it is now, but it created dependency and despair,” he added.

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Accuse him of being aligned with white supremacists

It wasn’t enough for Virginia Democrats to simply argue meritocracy—among which Dutt was eminently qualified for the state board of education—they had to attack anyone because they dared to object to the dangers of socialism.

In truth, Dutt’s comments were measured, intelligent and overall rather blunt than they could have been.

And not only that, the Democrats chose to play the race card…against an immigrant from India.

Hashmi, in a statement regarding his amendment to remove Dutt from the nomination list, refused to name him and argued that he had many “problematic concerns”.

“One area I’ll touch on briefly is the alignment that we’ve seen with very extreme and right-wing white supremacist groups,” Hashmi said.

There you have it – espouse traditional American values ​​and get accused of racism. Per. single time

Dutt spoke to Fox News just before the vote to remove him.

“I thought people celebrated diversity. Be it diversity of thought, diversity of perspective, or any diversity of many attributes,” Dutta said.

“I’m shocked.”

Governor Youngkin slammed Democrats for the move to fire Dutt’s appointment to the Virginia Board of Education.

“She’s an advocate for mothers’ and parents’ rights, she’s an advocate for immigrant and Asian American rights, she’s an engineer and an advocate for STEM in education,” he said.

“She is not only qualified, she is a symbol of parent involvement in our schools and we need her voice on our Board of Education.”

In contrast, Democrats, who despise America’s establishment, view the nation exclusively through the lens of racism and celebrate socialism as their preferred governance choice.

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