“I was going to kill everybody and myself” after being fired from CNN (audio)

Chris Cuomo revealed he was suicidal and wanted to kill everyone after being fired from CNN.

CNN announced in 2021 the firing of host Chris Cuomo “effective immediately” following an investigation into using Cuomo’s journalistic contacts to help protect his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), after he faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment by women. workers

Cuomo quit his SiriusXM radio show after being fired from CNN.

He is now the host of News Nation.

Running: Meet Samuel Arms – created by the CIA and FBI and the author of the original “1776 Returns” Fed-surrection document – which he told a friend he told the Proud Boys to send to set them up.

“I had to accept it because I was going to kill everyone, including myself. Things can consume you,” he said.

“Italians are very emotional and I really had to fight against that because, you know, like you, I’ve got a lot of people depending on me,” he said.

Cuomo made the comments during an interview on Anthony Scaramucci’s podcast, ‘Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci.’