House Republicans are pushing to ban China from buying US farmland

House Republicans are pushing for a ban on China buying US farmland, calling it a national security issue.

One of the concerns is that if China gets involved in our food supply lines, they could potentially try to starve parts of the country.

This may sound strange until you consider the history of China. The Chinese Communist Party has starved its own people.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

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‘They could literally starve us’: Republicans push to ban China from buying US farmland

House Republicans are pushing to block any person or business linked to the Chinese Communist Party from buying farmland in the United States, an effort to gain traction on the Hill as lawmakers seek retaliation against China over its spy-balloon intrusions.

Reps. Dan Newhouse (R., Wash.) and Cathy McMorris Rogers (R., Wash.), along with more than 40 co-sponsors, proposed legislation last week that would ban the purchase of public or private agricultural real estate in the United States and its territories by “non-resident aliens, foreign businesses, or any agent, trustee, or fiduciary associated with the Government of the People’s Republic of China.”

The law, known as the Agricultural Land Ban for the People’s Republic of China Act, would prevent those companies from engaging in agricultural programs…

“Imagine, if the Chinese Communist Party controlled just one link in our food supply chain, how quickly they could literally starve us,” Newhouse told the Washington Free Beacon. “In other countries they invest, build infrastructure, control the source of agricultural products. … We don’t want to see this happen in the United States.”

This is an issue that deserves more attention.

Communist China has no business buying American farmland.