Here’s a play-by-play of President Trump’s State of the Union today…

Back by popular demand, President Trump is providing a play-by-play of Biden’s address to the nation tonight.

President Trump shared on Truth Social a while back that he will provide a play-by-play of tonight’s speech calling Joe Biden a liar.

I will, by popular request, do a live and full “play by play” analysis of the State of the Union Address, tonight at 9pm “True” if done right, and if Joe has a little bit of a good night, this speech will be as good as any in the world. Had the opportunity to compete with great orators, including, Lincoln, Washington and of course, the late, great, UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Watch True Social tonight. Enjoy!

Running: Gateway pundits on live-stream video of old Joe’s SOTU address for your comment enjoyment

We are truly a nation, and that’s why I want Joe Biden to do well tonight!

Is everyone gearing up for commentary for the State of the Union Speech and possible reviews? I never like harsh critics, because usually they can’t do anything themselves. Maybe it’s a different situation, but let’s hope everything goes well tonight!

Just look at the expensive fencing around the Capitol building, but not at our border. Fortunately, I built hundreds of miles of wall, and had the safest and best southern border in history, by far!