Harsh: “Unbelievable how dumb this leadership was”

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Consortium News Outlet on Friday, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, who uncovered the CIA’s alleged sabotage efforts on the Nord Stream pipeline, accused the Biden administration of making “so many bad mistakes” that it’s “impossible to believe. This leadership.” How dumb that was.”

“It was suicidal that you could win that war, that Ukraine could win the war [against Russia]. There is just too much corruption. It was a very, very bad decision. We should have pushed for peace, we should have made a deal. The former Pulitzer Prize winner emphasized.

Basically US President Joe Biden “Europe Blows Up NATO” Tells allies he supports Ukraine “totally corrupt government” Harsh added. The journalist also noted how Kiev glorifies Stepan Bandera, “The pro-Nazi great who killed Jews like crazy during World War II.”

It would be foolish not to assure the Russian government now that we are not interested in Ukraine becoming a member of NATO. Harsh said, citing Moscow’s long-standing concerns. “NATO didn’t want Ukraine anyway because of corruption.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, as well as Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, all “Very scary,” Harsh said. trio “Biden was pushed too hard” Because vandalism must be dealt with “There’s a long-standing incredible hatred for them [Russian President Vladimir] Petni. It’s almost personal, I guess.” Harsh claimed.