Flashback: Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley promotes Bubba Wallace’s ‘nose’

The list of potential Republican presidential candidates for 2024 is growing faster than President Volodymyr Zelensky’s military weapons wish list. So will Governor Ron DeSantis challenge former President Donald Trump and will Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence throw their hats in the ring?

We will have to wait and see; However, in just a few weeks, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is throwing an event that promises to reveal a big announcement. Spoiler alert, he’s running for president.

In honor of his upcoming kick-off event, I think a quick trip through memory lane is essential. So hold fast; We’re stepping into the political hoopsy way back in 2020 when race-baiting and pretending to be a victim of hate crime were all the rage.

Who is called a coward?

Ah, 2020, when our cities were on fire, the police were the bad guys, and white people were crawling over each other to prove they had more in common with their whiteness than the next guy. Buried in all this noise was some dust-up on the tracks at Talladega, a story so ridiculous that anyone with half a brain should have known there was more to the problem than meets the eye.

News broke that a “leak” had been found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, the only black NASCAR race car driver, and the shock and disgust was overwhelming.

NASCAR president and wake warrior Steve Phelps addressed the incident with anger and sadness, releasing this statement:

“Racism has no place in NASCAR. We will do everything in our power to ensure that whoever did this is brought to justice… and we rid our game of this kind of behavior.”

People across the country, even those not associated with the sport, feverishly tweeted their support, including our own Nikki Haley, who said:

“We should all stand with @BubbaWallace against the cowards who have secretly rigged his garage stall. Watch your back cowards. Bubba has a much bigger army than you. #HateWontWin #WeStandWithBubba”

Oh my, Nikki, this is a spicy tweet, and we all know how much I love my spice. So who exactly was the Bubba Brigade going to fight this racist rope?

The answer is no one because it wasn’t a leak, and it wasn’t put there to harass Bubba Wallace.

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Close the garage door!

After the alleged leak was discovered, Mr. Phelps reported the incident, and 15 FBI agents raced to the track to root out the racing racists who had committed the heinous act. What the FBI found shouldn’t shock you if you have common sense.

The FBI discovered that there were ‘leaks’ in that garage stall from the year before Bubba Wallace was assigned and moved to the stall.

U.S. Attorney Jay Town and FBI Special Agent Johnny Sharp Jr. said in a statement:

“No one knew the stall would be allocated to Mr Wallace.”

So, surprise, the ‘cowards’ who ‘secretly hid a noose’ in the garage stall did it long before Bubba was in the stall and put it there to close the door. This led to the FBI’s conclusion, which I’m sure we’ve all come to, that Bubba Wallace was not actually the victim of a hate crime, no matter how badly he and the media wanted him to be.

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NASCAR was forced to release the following awkward statement:

“We appreciate the FBI’s quick and thorough investigation and are grateful to know this was not a deliberate, racist act against Bubba.”

Were you grateful? Talk about wiping out a virtue signal!

Pay attention to me!

The FBI described the rope:

“A garage door pull rope made like a noose”

Bubba wasn’t too keen on accepting this answer at first.

He angrily replied:

“What’s hanging in my garage is not a garage pull.”

He would know, wouldn’t he? It was his garage; The ‘trap’ was for him and hurt him, wasn’t it?

The fact is Bubba didn’t see the rope; A tearful Mr. Phelps informed him of its existence. It seems odd that you wouldn’t go to your garage to see the alleged racist threats that would put you in the national spotlight.

However, if you’re suffering for attention and want to capitalize on the killing of George Floyd to make you a household name, it’s not. Bubba was the catalyst for NASCAR to remove the Confederate flag from their races.

After admitting that the flags had never bothered him before, but after “educating” himself, he changed his mind. I’m sorry, Bubba, are you not aware of the various arguments for and against the Confederate flag?

He also changed the paint scheme of his car to convey a Black Lives Matter message. Thank goodness we had Bubba to promote BLM’s Marxist message to NASCAR.

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No regrets

When it was revealed that the ‘leak’ was an innocent door pull, President Trump suggested Bubba apologize for misleading NASCAR and its fans. Mr. Wallace was not there to report the incident to the FBI, so perhaps Mr. Phelps would have been the one to apologize.

However, Bubba could have come out stronger to correct the record. Like Nikki, but it’s not as sexy as hitching your wagon to the latest virtue craze.

Bubba responded to President Trump’s advice in an interesting way:

“…always deal with your hate with love!”

Even hate that is imagined, apparently.

Bubba told Jimmy Kimmel that:

“When I first read Trump’s tweet, I thought, man, there’s a lot more going on in the world that I think he should be concerned about.”

Interestingly, it wasn’t the tune he sang earlier when he thought the rope he couldn’t even see was a racist visual threat against him and his family.

In a new Netflix series titled ‘Race: Bubba Wallace’, he recounts the phone call he made to his estranged father after the incident:

“They found a leak.”

“Do you have a gun?”


“You have to get one.”

What an interesting description of the importance of the Second Amendment, allowing citizens the freedom to protect themselves. But alas, that will have to wait for another article and another day.

Will someone ask Nicki if she regrets her shotgun hot-take tweet? Does he think that NASCAR employees who lock door handles are cowards?

Does he think the best way to fight apartheid is to call for a citizen army to rally against an imagined enemy? I’ll bet he doesn’t.

Let’s hope he exercises a little better common sense as a presidential candidate than as a Twitter tweet warrior.

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