Federal judge rules gun ban for marijuana users unconstitutional

If you’ve ever purchased a firearm through a gun store or at a gun show, you’ve probably filled out an ATF Form 4473. Most gun owners can scroll down and check the “no” boxes because this doesn’t apply to them

But for some, like me, we can question 21e and stop for a moment. The question asks:

Are you an illegal user, addict of marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic, or other controlled substance?

It gives a warning that even if marijuana is legal in your state, it’s still illegal federally, even though Biden pardoned all common marijuana possession crimes, which freed zero people from prison and seemed like political posturing ahead of 2022. Intermediate term

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A federal judge in Oklahoma, however, ruled that banning individuals from owning guns because of marijuana use is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Patrick Wyrick, a Trump appointee, ruled that being a user of the plant does not justify disarming citizens: “…the mere use of marijuana does not bear any of the characteristics that the nation’s history and tradition of gun control support.”

The case was brought by lawyers for Jared Michael Harrison, who was arrested during a traffic stop when a loaded revolver and some marijuana were found in his car. It is unclear whether he was a “user” at the time, but possession alone was improperly used to justify his arrest.

The following is strictly my opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of The Gateway Scholar and is in no way medical advice:

This judgment is personal to me and thousands of other war veterans and individuals suffering from PTSD and other physical ailments. Instead of taking harmful benzodiazepines or SSRI drugs or copious amounts of painkillers, we turn to plants. Many of us have done this to avoid the harmful physical and psychological side effects of this drug and to choose a plant with zero overdose deaths and a brutal stigma from decades of prohibition. Check out CBS’ “7 Health Myths Up in Smoke.”

Florida’s state commissioner of agriculture, Nikki Fried, a Democrat, sued the Biden administration to block a federal rule that prohibits medical marijuana users from buying firearms or obtaining concealed carry permits.