EXCLUSIVE: I visited ancient aliens, and it showed me what brought humanity together

I’m a birthday person; I spend my birthday doing whatever I want, watching whatever TV I want and eating whatever I want. I’m not all that into big parties or big gifts; In fact, most of my birthdays were spent working while I was on the job.

However, for my 40th birthday last week, I spent the day away from home in Arizona, attending none other than an ancient alien live event. In all fairness, it was technically for work because they gave me press access for the event, but it was also a birthday present.

You see, I’ve long been a consumer of “Ancient Aliens” marathons on The History Channel, and if you follow me at all, you know that. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Fanatic and a member of the “X-Files” generation, I am an optimistic skeptical believer that we are not alone in this vast universe.

So while the event had plenty of interesting nuggets about various exotic travel destinations and speculations about our origins, some other underlying themes struck me and are worth noting.

Who is insulting whom?

Ancient alien theorists, ufologists and fans of the show often face skepticism at best and ridicule at worst from the mainstream scientific community. I understand that pain; At this point, the mainstream something It’s pretty closed-minded and repressive – mainstream media, mainstream science, mainstream education, you name it.

The show’s main figure, Giorgio Tsokalos, touched on this struggle at the event, noting that mainstream archaeologists often accuse him of:

“Undermining Human Ingenuity”

If you’re not familiar with Giorgio, he’s the one with the hair. As for sporting a purple mohawk, I believe the bigger and crazier the better, so rock your crazy hair Giorgio. Allegations that he and others from the show are forced to listen are due to their belief that many of the structures and advancements of ancient civilizations were influenced by the help of ancient aliens.

In the event, Giorgio illustrated how ridiculous mainstream archaeologists’ arguments against ancient alien theories are by focusing on petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are beautiful ancient drawings found on cave walls and rock surfaces around the world.

Mainstream archaeologists would have you believe that we can treat “normal” scenes – animals, people, etc. – as valid observations. However, drawings that show space aliens and spaceships are, as Giorgio puts it, “fantasy” according to these same mainstream archaeologists, and these ancient people used these drawings and subsequent stories to “interpret nature”.

Giorgio rightly points out:

“But these people lived in nature! So who is insulting whom?”

Indeed. But it’s easy to explain away the unknown simply because our ancestors were very primitive, which is an interesting argument from the same camp that says Giorgio’s choice insults the idea of ​​ancient human intelligence. How primitive could the construction of the ancient pyramids at Giza be?

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Before you roll your eyes at me, let’s chew on some of this little mind blowing show and live event. From the Temples of Malta to Stonehenge, the head of Easter Island and the incredible structures found at Puma Punku are designed and built in a way that defies our current architectural engineering.

Don’t believe it? That’s right, believe aerospace engineer, ancient alien panelist, and Skinwalker Ranch experimenter Dr. Travis Taylor. Perhaps you love pyramids; I get it; I’ve been to see them, and they’re amazing.

Explain that, as Dr. Taylor describes, the ancient Egyptians were able to build the Great Pyramid of Giza at the exact latitude that matches the speed of light figure:

29.9792458°N and 299,792,458 meters per second

It’s a pretty damning coincidence that mainstream science likes to try to explain these questions.

But let’s bring it back to today, shall we? Along with the ever-growing list of unexplained phenomena experienced by astronauts and astronauts over the years, there’s one data point that points to ancient aliens that you can’t ignore.

When astronauts go into space, their circadian rhythm changes from a 24-hour day to a 24.9-hour day. No big deal, right? I mean, jet lag is a bummer for anyone.

But a day on Mars is exactly 24.9 hours. My, it’s weird; Why would our bodies automatically return to the correct circadian rhythms on Mars when away from Earth’s surface?

Perhaps my brother was right when he claimed I was a Martian when we discovered I had a drooping earlobe and a conjoined earlobe…

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A much needed reminder

Plenty of interesting theories and questions raised by the “Ancient Alien” cast and panelists during the live event are as confusing as they are fun to ponder.

But as someone who spends her days opining and reporting on various divisive issues in this world that put our differences in full perspective, my favorite message from the show was a little less rooted in intimate encounters and more focused on each other.

When you think about ancient civilizations and the show “Ancient Aliens,” you can list numerous themes:

  • Rock formations like Stonehenge
  • Petroglyphs
  • Religious stories and cultural fables touch on ‘visitors from above’

The exciting part for me is that these are all things that all our ancient ancestors shared. Many ancient civilizations spoke to ‘beings’ from the sky who taught us various things:

  • Astrology
  • astronomy
  • weapons
  • medicine
  • the industry
  • metallurgy
  • architecture

Ancient Alien panelist and spiritual contributor William Henry calls these beings our teachers, and he believes they are coming back.

Mr. Henry explains that he believes “The Book of Revelation is a mere proposition.”

What a message of great hope and an exciting perspective that belief in something greater than self and other life are not mutually exclusive. We live in a time when we constantly have to focus on the things that divide us, the aspects of ourselves that are fundamentally different from our neighbors.

However, ancient alien theorists remind us, whether you believe in their theories or not, that since our creation we have all been connected to the basic similarities of the human experience. How else would you explain the different rock formations across the planet with the different civilizations, similar origin stories and drawings and engravings painted across these blue marble stone walls?

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Could it be?

The ancient alien asks a simple question; Could it be? We should all be asking this question more often than different aspects and industries.

Could it be that we haven’t learned everything there is to know about our past? Could it be that science is not fixed but is actually always changing?

Whether you’re a skeptic, a believer, or a bit of both like me, you might benefit somewhat from watching “Ancient Aliens” and attending one of the live events. The world is filled with so many doom and gloom descriptions, so why not spend some time expanding your mind and exploring what you think are possible alternatives?

“Ancient Aliens” has it all; Scientist, former government official, journalist and ancient alien theorist. I started enjoying the show for the exotic locations. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the questions I sometimes force myself to explore.

Aliens and UFOs are no longer a hobby in the dark corners of the Internet. Our own government is openly investigating and treating this incident as a matter of national security, which I never thought would happen in my lifetime.

It makes you wonder, could it be that our past is not what our mainstream has us believe? I say, why not?

However the mainstream didn’t do much for us; Perhaps it is time to leave the mainstream and believe that we are not alone, we have never been alone, and that someday perhaps soon, we will reconnect with our ancient alien teachers.

Now is the time to support and share your sources of faith.
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