EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano reacts to Tucker Carlson, says now is the time to call

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano sent The Gateway Scholar, Tucker Carlson and a message to America regarding the secular state and the Church of the Environment, which has worked to destroy the presence of Catholicism in society, replacing it with the new Luciferian paganism. World Order (NWO).

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vignan shared with us a video and a text, in which he commented on the recent Tucker Carlson monologue. The Church of the Environment.

He says that Tucker’s perspective is very interesting and worth using to show how the secular state has worked to destroy the presence of Catholicism in society, replacing it with the Luciferian paganism of the NWO. He said:

We must continue our common efforts to publicly condemn the coup of the globalist community, because our very survival is at stake.”

God bless and protect you all

Archbishop Vigano began his message thus:

In an interesting interview with Fox News titled Dr The Church of Environmentalism (here), journalist Tucker Carlson has revealed a contradiction that may have escaped the attention of many but which I find highly revealing.

Carlson recalls that the American Constitution prohibits any state religion, but for some time the ruling Democratic Party has imposed globalism on the American people, including its green agenda, its woke up dogmas, his condemnation and cancel culture, The priests of the World Health Organization, the prophets of the World Economic Forum. A religion in all respects, not only for the life of the individuals who practice it, but also for the life of the nation that publicly professes it, adopts laws and ordinances, and inspires education and every governmental activity surrounding it. .

In the name of universalism, its adherents demand that all citizens behave according to the ethics of the New World Order, uncritically accepting – and with an attitude of dutiful submission to religious authority – the defining doctrine. from the throne By the Davos Sanhedrin…

…For too long citizens and the faithful have passively suffered the decisions of their political and religious leaders in the face of evidence of their treachery. Respect for authority is based on the recognition of a “theological” truth, that is, on the Lordship of Jesus Christ over individuals, nations, and the Church. If the authorities of state and church act against the citizens and the faithful, their power is usurped and their authority is null and void. Let us not forget that rulers are the masters of the state and not the citizens, just as the pope and bishops are the masters of the church and not the faithful. If they don’t want to be like fathers to us; If they do not wish us well and indeed do everything to corrupt us in body and soul, then it is time to drive them from their positions and make them answer for their treachery, their crimes and their scandalous lies.

Print his message below and his full message below.

Here is Archbishop Vigano’s message in print.

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