Even Fox’s resident liberal Jessica Tarlov condemned illegal immigrants who refused

Liberal Fox News commentator Jessica Tarlov had an unexpected take on a group of illegal immigrants who refused to relocate to a ‘mega-shelter’ after staying in free luxury New York City hotel rooms.

As Political Insider reported on the situation earlier this week, illegal immigrants were initially housed at the $300-a-night Hell’s Kitchen Hotel Watson in midtown Manhattan, but were to be moved to a shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Leftist activists joined in, some refusing to leave while others did and returned because the shelter allegedly “lacked heat and bathroom space”.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams rejected the claim and insisted that the shelter provides immigrants with “shelter, food, health care, education and many other services.”

Panelists on “The Five” analyzed the situation, playing a clip of an illegal immigrant saying the shelter was “so ugly” and “the beds are horrible.”

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Illegal immigrants demand to be allowed to stay in hotels

Jessica Tarlov, Fox News’ resident liberal “The Five,” was outraged by the demands of illegal immigrants to stay at hotels and their refusal to follow due process.

“It’s embarrassing,” he fretted, noting that it’s especially “for people like me who say, ‘I live in a sanctuary city, I think we should keep that promise.'”

“No one who got off the boat said, ‘The inside is worse than the outside, isn’t it? Or, ‘Worse than not eating,'” he continued. “Those are your options.”

“You don’t legally belong here, at least at this point,” Tarlov added.

“But at this particular moment, you are here by the grace of our kindness and to be treated like this is terrible.”

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Tarlov suggests they should be deported

A report by The Political Insider in October indicated that shelters set up for illegal immigrants to live in New York City offer television sets, Xbox gaming consoles and “culturally appropriate” meals.

I highly doubt that ‘sanctuary cities’ suddenly decided they would not provide heat in a place described by the New York Post as a “mega-shelter”.

One illegal immigrant told the newspaper that the real reason they wanted to stay at the hotel was because “it had so many services they just [now] carried away.”

Newsflash: You are not entitled to those services, paying guests.

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino speculated that the refusal to go to the shelter was the reason for the deportation, with which Tarlov actually agreed.

“One thing we should change is that if you refuse to go to one of these shelters that you’re being offered, it’s an automatic, out of here,” Perino said.

“Yes,” agreed Tarlov.

Perino added, “Deportation. you did.”

Another co-host of the Fox News program, Greg Gutfeld, suggested that those who turn up their noses at free services provided by the city are skeptical of claims of hardship.

“I think you’ll see immigrants once rejecting free, good things given to them on the assumption that they’ll be grateful after so much hardship and suffering,” he said.

“I began to think that their sufferings were greatly exaggerated.”

They are entitled. They say they can walk into the country at any time and get travel, jobs, free phones and now, paying for a high-end hotel, wherever they want to go.

Why would they want to leave behind what they are told they deserve and go to a shelter?

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