Employees at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport say homeless people are taking over

Almost every major city in America is facing a homeless problem right now.

In Chicago, where winters can get pretty cold, workers at O’Hare Airport claim that homeless people are taking over the space, creating chaos and even making workers feel unsafe.

The Daily Mail reported:

Filthy homeless encampment set up inside Chicago’s O’Hare airport, travelers now living alongside baggage belts in crime-ridden Windy City

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Homeless encampments have formed inside the terminal at crime-ridden Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, with some concerned for their safety after images emerged of people sleeping in filthy makeshift shelters.

Thousands of people sleeping rough sought refuge at the popular airline hub, with many setting up shelters inside terminal buildings.

Passengers quickly escalated the situation when a Twitter user posted a photo of passengers sleeping in a pile of luggage near the airport’s Terminal 1.

Other shocking images show one collapsed inside the entrance vestibule, another slumped over without shoes and a group of half a dozen people occupying an indoor area next to an escalator.

O’Hare’s growing problem is a snapshot of a citywide homelessness crisis bubbling beneath the surface of a city eroding from rising crime rates.

More from CBS News in Chicago:

Thousands of Chicago’s homeless seek shelter from the cold inside O’Hare. Employees have sent us photos of themselves sleeping on heater vents, using the terminal to dry their clothes, and littering in airport bathrooms.

“It’s out of control,” Chatman said.

VonKisha Chatman and Kathryn Thompson are tasked with cleaning up the mess.

“None of us feel safe,” Chatman said.

Chatman and Thompson work overnight as custodians at O’Hare Terminals 1 and 2 – where they are not always covered by security. They both say they have been harassed by the homeless community, who set up camps during their shifts.

“They will come after you. This one guy followed us last night,” Thompson said. “They’ll be here from the time we get here until we leave in the morning.”

Here is a video report:

All this unfolds as our leaders in Washington send boatloads of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.