Elizabeth Warren Excited About Push To Tax The Rich: “LFG”

Senator Elizabeth Warren gets excited at times. And one of the things he’s most excited about is raising taxes. Especially when he pretends taxes will fall on the “rich”.

And never mind that some reports estimate his net worth to be upwards of $67 million.

Rich people are bad. And we will get their money. (Though not his.)

Every now and then when he gets excited, you’ll hear his whistle-like screeching. But sometimes, he likes to play to the youngsters. Then other times he tries too hard to play to that crowd, as evidenced by the following ‘how do you do it, fellow kids’ moment.

Warren shared an Associated Press article discussing a renewed push by liberals to enact a state wealth tax “like the one promoted for years” by the Massachusetts senator.

He captioned it simply, “LFG”, an acronym for “let’s go” so very, very hip.

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Elizabeth Warren: LFG

On the one hand, you have to admire Senator Karen’s passion for stealing people’s hard-earned money. Tax is, after all, theft.

He is most devoted to the cause. Some might say Warren is a tricked-out horse-faced dog-legged pony soldier, or whatever Biden is these days.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren’s ‘LFG’ tweet is probably from an intern desperately trying to run her social media feed.

Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s used the phrase.

In November 2020, he urged his followers to strap on their moccasins and get out there to vote for Warren Democrats.

Before that, soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe endorsed Warren for president and introduced the Democrat to the phrase.

“Well, we have some things we want to say about the national team,” Rapinoe said. “I don’t know if you can talk here, but it’s ‘LFG’, so let’s do it.”

“Let’s do it,” Warren cooed. “Okay Megan, you and me, LFG.”

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Pushback on ‘Rich Tax’

Not everyone talks about ‘tax the rich’.

The AP article cites a Warren Tax Foundation report describing the wealth tax as “economically destructive” and ultimately ineffective because individuals or companies will simply relocate to states with lower tax burdens.

Or, alternatively, they raise product prices and/or lay off their workers.

Warren has blasted wealthy people in the past, famously calling Tesla CEO and Twitter chief Elon Musk a “freeloader.”

Musk fired back by calling Warren “projecting,” pointing out that she owed a hefty sum in taxes that year and calling her “Senator Karen.”

Musk later accused Democrats like Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders of a coordinated attack in which they demanded “the super rich pay their fair share.”

Billionaire Mark Cuban also slammed progressive politicians who run on a ‘tax the rich’ platform, specifically telling Senator Karen, “You, Elizabeth Warren.”

Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of the hit show “Shark Tank,” claims he doesn’t mind paying higher taxes “because that’s what allows everybody to live and thrive.”

“But, yeah, just the idea of ​​’wetting the tears of rich, billionaires that fill that cup’ scrubs you, Elizabeth Warren, you’ve got everything wrong with politics.”

Warren insists that her 2020 presidential campaign, despite the ‘LFG’ announcement and Rapinoe endorsement, ultimately failed because she doesn’t have a gender.

“Everybody comes up to me and says, ‘I’d vote for you, if you had a gender,'” Warren said, according to a recently published book.

The comment prompted Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to respond, “In today’s Democrat Party, how do we know he doesn’t know?”

LNFGT, Ted. Let’s not go there.

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