Election integrity expert Capt. Seth Cashel suggests “10 points for honest elections

Seth Cashel offers 10 points to ensure true election integrity.

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit recently had the opportunity to interview Captain Seth Cashel about his work on the 2020 election and the anomalies he uncovered. Cashel checked final vote counts in all 50 states against estimated numbers based on state dynamics and trend changes that come with his estimated voter fraud in each state.

In his analysis, he believes that Joe Biden had more than 8.1 million votes in the 2020 election.

TGP Interview: Captain Seth Cashel discusses the 2020 election anomalies being ignored by the media and the GOPe – and what needs to be done to save democratic elections in America

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In a post last March on his SubStack account, Cashel recommended 10 areas of focus to ensure election integrity.

Here are ten points of true electoral integrity:

I. Clear the voter list

2. Ban all electronic election equipment

III. Voter ID with paper ballots only

IV Mail-in Voting Prohibited *

V. Early voting prohibited*

VI. Very small area*

VII. Ban ballot collection

the eighth Election day is a holiday

IX. New reporting requirements for transparency

X. Heavy Imprisonment for Those Who Commit Fraud

Please review these points. Check them out. If you have things to contribute that could bring improvement, they can be sent to me [email protected]. Many brilliant minds helped make these points.

This list looks as comprehensive and relevant now as it did a year ago. Now comes our challenge – to deploy them one county at a time across the country.